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If you have decided to enter the world of Digital Photography, you should definitely think of owning an awesome camera. There are thousands of models and brands available in the market, which one should you buy? Before making purchase behavior you should know different types of Cameras. Especially the difference between point and shoot cameras and DSLR.

What is Point and Shoot Camera?
Point and shoot cameras are the ones which come with default lens. They are very small in size. These cameras come up with pre-sets which helps amateur photographers to take pictures without changing any settings.

What is DSLR?
DSLR is an abbreviation of Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera that combines Lenses and sensors to produce high-quality digital pictures. DSLRS are well known because it has flexibility in changing lenses.

Both Point and shoot camera and DSLRs have their own advantages and limitations. Here are some of the major Differences between Point and Shoot Cameras and DSLR.

1. Flexibility to Change Lens:
DSLR cameras have an option to change lenses as per the requirement. Example if you would like to shoot a group picture inside your house, you can take it using wide angle lenses. Similarly, if you would like to capture a bird which is sitting on a tree, you can still use it using Zoom lenses.

As Point and shoot cameras come up with default lens, you would not have an option to upgrade lens as per your requirements

2. Control Over Settings:
DSLRs have advanced options which can help in capturing in any situations. Example if you wish to take a picture under low light conditions you can use Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO settings to capture good images. Though point and shoot cameras have this option, DSLRs can deliver better results than Point and Shoot cameras.

3. Cost:
Point and shoot cameras are comparatively cheaper than DSLRs. Reasons being simple the Sensor and Image processors which come in DSLRs are much advanced than Point and Shoot cameras. If you have budget concerns, then DSLRs may not be your cup of tea.

4. Handling:
DSLRs have perfect grip to capture a photo or a video. Most of the point and shoot cameras lack this hence most of the times we end up taking blurry images.

Before you buy a camera decide what is the objective of buying it. If you are buying it just for personal use, you may consider Point and shoot camera. If you have intentions of getting to professional Photography go for the DSLR though it is costly, it is worth investing.

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