Things to check before buying Second Hand Camera

Buying a DSLR is a dream for many people who are passionate about photography. Rate starts from approximate 25,000 INR to buy a new one. Though few people can afford to buy, for many people it may not. In such cases they can consider buying second hand or used Cameras. Used cameras can be bought from sites such as Olx or Quikr. There are some popular groups on Facebook such such as Camera Buy/Sell, Be careful you may end up in a trap if you don’t check couple of things. Here are some of the important Things to check before buying second hand camera.


1. Original Owner Details:
Be cautious while buying used camera from unknown people. Imagine what would happen if you buy a camera which was theft from someone else? All Cameras have unique Identification number; these numbers will be stored in all authorized service centers. Whenever the camera reaches these service centers for servicing, they will be forcefully held for further investigation.

To avoid such instances, it is better to buy used cameras from known people or don’t forget to get the complete details of a owner. It would be preferred if you could get one photograph and a copy of government ID proof from the person.


2. Item Warranty and Invoices:
It is always good if you get Invoice of the Camera, you can avail some of the benefits like warranty or workshops conducted by Camera brands. Though these invoices do not transfer the ownership of the asset, you can always take couple of benefits if you have them. This also confirms genueinity of the product to some extent.


3. Look for Physical Damages:
This is again one of the important things to check before buying second hand camera. Try to know why the seller wants to sell the camera. Many times, seller does not reveal if there is any physical damage in the device. Therefore it’s your responsibility to check for the physical damages in the camera.

Try to take some random pictures and video samples. Detach the lens from the body and check if there is any fungus formed on sensor. Check if there is fungus formed inside the lens. Also check if the focus buttons, shutter is functioning properly or not.


4. Shutter Count:
Many amateur photographers believe that, there is no limit for DSLR shutter life. Unfortunately there is. We all have to accept that there is a life limit for camera and its shutter. Normally DSLR shutter has shutter life span of 150,000 to 200,000 shutter releases. Shutter has to be replaced once it reaches this level.  Shutter count also helps in understanding the usage pattern of the DSLR.

Make sure you check the shutter count of Camera before buying your second hand camera. Reason is very simple, if the shutter count is less, the camera has more life. If the shutter count is more than 1 lakh, you should look for alternatives.


5. Price:
I have seen some people are buying used camera by paying the price which is almost equal to the price where they can buy the new one. Instead of paying high amount on used camera you can buy the new one instead. Therefore have a negotiation in such way that you get it for almost half a price in the market.

Electronic items have depreciation value; therefore go for the highest negotiation possible. Don’t forget to check for new prices from eCommerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart before buying. You can also reach out to Anish George well known camera dealer from Kannur for the best quote.

Hope I could help you to know few things to check before buying second hand camera. Share it with your friends if you find it useful. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions.

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