Pre-wedding Photo Shoot in Chikmagalur

Most of the time we use a word when we hear a song or movie which is close to our heart that is “evergreen”. We say this is always an evergreen song or an evergreen movie. It means something which remains fresh. We get a fresh feel when something special happens in our life. Actually few things stay evergreen in our life because of the trace left in our eyes or mind. Good memories make us smile, you start feeling it when you go deep into it. Treasuring your memories is a good habit. One of the best way to treasure your happiness is by the photographs. Few things happen only once in a lifetime like a wedding, engagement, pre-wedding shoot, maternity photo shoot as such. The best feeling ever is when you plan for a pre-wedding shoot. It is an untold feeling which can only be experienced. Place matters a lot for a pre-wedding shoot to make it more special. I have a superb and best suitable place for couples and also for photoshoots. Why not a pre-wedding photo shoot in Chikmagalur? The great place to hang out. It is surrounded by greenery, waterfalls, resorts, coffee estates. A perfect place for a photoshoot in any season. Best of best places in Chikmagalur are here for your perfect photoshoots.


1. Mullayanagiri


Karnataka’s highest peak is the Mullayanagiri located in the Western Ghats of Chikmagalur. It is an absolute green world. Couples will have a great time. It is a romantic place filled with fogs and green. This place makes the couple to pose well and get closer. It is one of the famous shooting spots of Kannada Industry.  Best evergreen pics in an evergreen land is all you needed.

2. Hebbe Falls


Few places are made for photoshoots. Hebbe falls is also one such place. It is the best locations for a photo shoot. There is a transportation facility to reach the place. Photographer doesn’t have to worry about the poses. Just that be careful and comfortable and enjoy each and every moment. Couple would love being in such a wonderful place for their pre-wedding photoshoots.

3. Gaali Kere


This place is just a wow. A windy place surrounded by greenery and a small lake in the middle. It is approximately 4 km away from Baba Budangiri. A very cool and calm place. Props like balloons, Photo Booth Props can be used here. Simple and romantic poses suit well in this place. Weather brings that romanticness in them and couples will have cherishing memories for a lifetime.

4. Hirekolale Lake


You will love this place for sure. It is a famous shooting spot of Chikmagalur. Early mornings and during sunsets you will get stunning photographs. If you are planning a pre-wedding photo shoot in Chikmagalur just add this place to your list. You will enjoy being there with your loved ones. You can spend few hours there before going to Mullayanagiri.

5. Honnammana Halla Falls


On the way to Baba Budangiri, a small place to visit is Honnammana Halla. It is simply superb for the pre-wedding shoots as photographers can click cute and naughty poses of couples in such an amazing place. The specialty of this place is it never dries up and no trek needed as it is by the roadside. Every time there is a water flow, So, nothing to worry about seasons.

6. Kemmangundi Peak


Kemmangundi is a hill station of Chikmagalur. The best place to visit during the winter season. It is surrounded by a rose garden. If you want a splendid sunset viewpoint best option is this place. Couples complete the photograph in such a romantic climate. No need of worrying about transportation. You can reach there by any vehicle.

7. Kallathgiri Falls


This is about 10 km from Kemmangundi. A small waterfall attached to a temple generate positive vibes. Freezing cold water is another thrilling factor at this place. You enjoy being with your partner.


These are the few and best places for a pre-wedding shoot in Chikmagalur. As per my knowledge, Only a few couples have experimented pre-wedding shoot in Chikmagalur. Make your pre-wedding shoot special in Chikmagalur with your life partner. Worth going there, and no place for regrets. It is a combination of Kashmir and Scotland. Photographers would love going there again and again. It is also the best place to hang out with your friends and family. Trekking lovers must visit this place, you will go crazy I bet on this.




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    Great places and thanks for the article. Are there any prior permission required to do a photoshoot in the above mentioned places?

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