Pre Wedding Props for Stunning Couple Shoot

Pre-wedding moments are romantic times for the couple. It is not rare to see couples happily remember their initial chemistry and recall that spark during a shoot. You can have some beautiful and natural images taken of you and your fiance looking like yourselves rather than like a bride and groom. It’s also the right time to get to know more about you as a couple, how formal or casual your styles are. To make your shoot simply awesome, a well thought of Prewedding Shoot Locations and  Pre Wedding Props make a whole lot of difference. If it is your first photo shoot, nervousness may overload you. In order to cover your weakness props will definitely help you. It can lift the pic up, give it a new story.


Pre Wedding Props for Stunning Couple Shoot


1. SYGA Pre Wedding Props Party Photo Booth Props, Multi-Colour (Set of 13)


If you are a shy kind of person this pre wedding props will help you out for sure. You can pose as same as above which looks very simple. This is the cute couple poses which are filled with cuteness. Also, those lines written on the props looks funny and creative. Go for it with Amazon. These pre wedding props are carefully designed. 24 piece prop kit is affordable, easy-to-assemble and most importantly fun. Opted to provide real wooden sticks and have found they hold up wonderfully.

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2. SBD Funny Glitter Romantic pack of 2


Simple and common poses can be captured in the weddings too. If you are willing to have some fun, it may not happen due to some reasons in the weddings. Best and right time is your pre-wedding shoot. Its a one time opportunity to make the photo shoot more memorable. These props make your picture colorful. However you pose, it looks very new. Props with a big smile are more than enough if you are finding difficult to give a facial expression. Just a few clicks, you will get the super value pack of 2 with funny glasses, mustaches, and lips which brings huge fun. Props are printed on high-quality thick cardboard in vibrant colors exactly as shown in images. Made of card paper and hardwood stick, they will accompany you to your every event without fading out colors.

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3. SYGA Party Photo Booth Props Craft Item, Multi-Colour (Combo Set Of 76)


You don’t have to go all out to make your pictures pop. These paper props look very cute for the shoot. You can utilize this props not only for the pre-wedding shoot but also for other occasions like birthday parties, wedding, ceremonies, new year parties and more. Looks awesome with your better half, friends and families. Capture plenty of photos with different props. This is also the way to show your enjoyment, happiness.

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4. My Party Suppliers Photo Booth Props Kit ( 20 Count ) Photo Booth Props, Smiley Props Emojis 

Currently, this is the most trending props which are best suitable for weddings to modeling shoots. Serious Poses are left behind as they don’t find interesting. If you don’t have an idea of posing just use these pre wedding props which creates a new story. These are made of card paper and hardwood stick, they will accompany you to your every event to bring that fun and blissfulness. It’s a great way of adding all that smile into your shoot. If you cannot express your feelings just hold this.

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5. Props I am the Bride, I am the Groom Eye Glass. 

This is the Prop which makes you get married or define you as a couple. It adds glamour to the parties or shoots. It can be used as a pre wedding prop and also as a wedding prop. You can portray this in many ways. You can hold this with an attitude or together filled with love, happiness, and little shyness. Adding a modern touch to the traditional outfit is an innovative idea which can be implemented both in the pre-wedding shoot and also in the wedding shoots.

iam the bride - iam the groom

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6. Generic Handmade Chinese Cloth Floral Umbrella


An umbrella works great for pre-wedding shoots. Having something to hold or do makes you forget about feeling awkward and allows you to naturally have fun and smile during your pre-wedding photo shoot. If it is a sunny day, you can utilize this prop to avoid the sharp sunlight. The umbrella could be used in many ways. A story can be built as the umbrella is used in the sunny days and also in the rainy days. Best pre wedding photographers will have an idea if you have props with no idea.

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7. Balloon Junction Metallic Balloons HD

Balloons are and will always be a great prop to play around with. Superior quality latex balloons (metallic finish) are always beautiful for any special occasions. These props for pre-wedding photography are easy to find and don’t require much time to make or set up. Poses like jumping with balloons in hands, holding a bunch of balloons and running looks awesome when photographed. It adds a color to the photographs. It brings out a child within us and you start smiling with great happiness unknowingly. Such pre-wedding props work out well for couples which makes them getting cozy and intimate.

Balloon Junction Metallic Balloons HDBalloon Junction Metallic Balloons HD

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8. Untumble Photo Booth Props She Stole My Heart


This one’s super easy and a great way of making your pictures speaks. Just adds a whole new level of cuteness to your pictures. An image is said to be complete if it is conveying a story. Props benefit you in conveying your love story. Something which cannot be said can be expressed in different ways. This is also one of the best ways to express your love to your partner. A very heart touching prop which brings a smile on others face too.

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Frames are a fun way to use props at your pre-wedding shoot. Have fun with making faces cute and pose silly! Simply remove the backs and the glass before your shoot. If you are missing photo frames on your home walls with different poses you can just satisfy yourself by posing crazily with holding a photo frame in the photoshoots. It is best suited for any of the occasions. Pre-wedding props should always be different because it is once in a lifetime. Standing with your life partner in a frame before marriage is a crazy feeling which has to be experienced by each and everyone. Never miss this opportunity.


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10ezyPRNT Fun photo Selfie Frame Printed Set ideal for birthday, party, anniversary, celebrations

One more new selfie frame for all kind of occasions. It can be used as a pre-wedding prop. Now the present world is behind selfie and why not you that too with a selfie frame and your partner. It’s perfect for couple shoot and also other parties. Take a selfie with your partner within a frame. Looks adorable for the photoshoot.



11. Ziggle Party Mask Birthday Mask Multi Colored Witch Mask butterfly mask (Pack of 6 pcs)

Mask is an attractive prop which can be used as a pre-wedding prop too. Match the mask with your dress color, it goes really well. You can wear a mask, especially with the gowns to get an angel look. Also, eyes look much prettier with the mask. The overall mask gives a perfect picture.



12. Anniversary Paper Glass Props – 1 Pack of 25 Props

The best prop for the couple shoot is paper glass. Despite anniversary, paper glass can also be used for pre-wedding shoots or any other photo shoots. If for the pre-wedding shoot, a theme like a dinner date or first meet is chosen, paper glass props would be very helpful. It looks very natural with the theme and ultimately photo looks incredible with a perfect story.




In Conclusion

A pre-wedding shoot is something that helps in preserving memories to remember things in future and moreover, these photos can be used on wedding cards or as a slide show at reception which looks adorable. Make sure you help your prewedding photographers to capture your photo shoots using creative pre wedding props listed above. It is a lifetime memory and never miss such opportunities.

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  1. These are cute! Especially the emoji props.

  2. I would say these props are very cool and make the photos more cute: Happy new year

  3. I recently did a pre-wedding shoot. The Mr. and Mrs. Placard was a hit. Also, you can try He’s Mine She’s mine t-shirt

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