Most Expensive Cameras in the World

There are very few things in this world that moves people in the inside. Photography is one of them.You know that there exists two extremities if you consider anything. Cameras for example. There are cameras that cost low, and there are cameras that cost high and then there are cameras that cost just too very much. Yes, there are cameras that cost nearly 50,000$. Here is the list that contains the details of the Most Expensive Cameras in the World.

  1. Sony Alpha A99

Sony is one of those prominent companies that has a stronghold in the field of optical devices alongside other fields. Sony Alpha A99 has a larger resolution of 24.3 megapixels that allows clearer and crisper photographs. The camera has automatic red eye reduction feature. The picture that is clicked comes out clear even in low light conditions which is due to Exmor CMOS Sensor. This being at this position in the list costs 2000$. It also has an electronic view finder.


  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This Canon company manufactured camera comes with 22.3 megapixels. This one also has the CMOS Sensor. It has a very good quality movie recording feature. It can house two storage cards since it has two slots. EOS 5D Mark III can shoot 6.0 frames per second. It gives a high end action for its price tag of $2799.00.


  1. Nikon D4

This camera has 16.2 megapixels which admittedly is less than the above mentioned couple of cameras. Though the megapixels are lesser, the features of this camera are more. It has 52 autofocus(AF) points that makes it much more focused of whatever you want to click a photograph of. While the EOS 5D Mark III can shoot at 6 frames per second, Nikon D4 can shoot at almost double its rate, that is at 11 frames per second. Nikon D4 doubles in price tag costing a decent $6,000.00


  1. Pentax 645Z

This is one of those names of a camera that most people would never have heard of. Pentax is responsible for extremely high end cameras that are even used in movie production. It has a rocking 51.4 megapixel CMOS Sensor. It has dual card slot just like the Canon EOS 5D Mark III despite shooting at merely 3 frames per second. It has a 400 minute battery life that translates to 7 hours of battery life. This camera costs $10,499.00 that does not come with any other accessory or a stand.


  1. Canon EOS 1D Mark III

It’s a single lens product that has almost 10.1 megapixels in it and produces excellent quality images through it. Its CMOS Sensor is immaculately of high resolution. Canon EOS 1D Mark III costs a whopping $12,000.00. For those dedicated to photography who are looking for an immaculate camera that will serve you gently, this can be the camera you’ve always wanted.


  1. Leica S2-P

This one is for everyday camera goers with low budget. And people usually would not have heard of this brand as well. Leica S2-P sports an impressive 37.5 megapixels, it is the first camera on this list that is water resistant. In addition to that, this camera has an impressive battery life allowing for 1000 frames or shots. A camera with all these features can be yours for $30,000.00.


  1. Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic

This one is a very different and a professional camera that can capture the view of any situations in only eight seconds as it captures full view of 360 degrees. It is combined with large players like Flash VR, QuickTime, etc. Clocking in at a massive $40,000, this bad boy is for those who are serious about producing extremely high quality videos and pictures for a living.


  1. Phase One P65

As this is the top third in the most expensive cameras list, this is a camera produced through the collaboration of two companies. It offers more than 60 lenses allowing various forms of immaculate high resolution for all types of professional use. The sensor feature that is used in it is very latest and the camera almost has 15 megapixels in it. This one also comes in at $40,000.00


  1. Seitz 6×7 Panoramic

The second most expensive camera on this list falls prey to yet another company that doesn’t register as one of the big name camera companies to those who take pictures everyday as a hobby or profession. Seitz 6×7 has a massive 160 million pixels available for taking crisp, clean and focused photographs. It is an ideal camera for capturing all kinds of photos like group shots, fine arts, and many others. The price of this camera is $43,000.


  1. Hasselblad H4D 200MS

We have finally arrived at the most expensive camera on our list that continues in true fashion with being created by another company unknown by the general populous. The Hasselblad H4D 200MS is truly the latest and greatest in high end cameras. With 160 million pixels, it has extremely high resolution. Coming in at the most expensive camera on our list, the Hasselblad H4D 200MS claims the title of most expensive camera by carrying a price tag of $45,000.

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