Must-Have DSLR Accessories You should consider buying

Must-Have DSLR Accessories for Beginner Photographers

Owning a DSLR is a fascinating thing. Along with your DSLR and Kit lens If you manage to buy below accessories, I am sure your photography Journey will be even more interesting.

Here are few Must-Have DSLR Accessories you should consider buying.

1.  Class 10 Memory Card with High Writing Speed:
When you buy your DSLR you get default 8gb Memory card which is of Class 4. That would normally have writing speed of around 40 mb per second. Having low writing speed will cause serious trouble when you are shooting HD videos or Taking images in fast intervals. Therefore it is suggested to buy Class X memory card with at least 80mb per second writing speed.

2. Sturdy Tripod:
Tripod plays a major role whenever you are using slow shutter speed. Example if you wish to take a milk effect of water falls or if you wish to capture nice lights movement of Traffic, you must have tripod. Some times tripod will help you if you are using Non VR lenses. Not just that if you want to take a self picture you can simply place a DSLR on tripod and set self timer. 

3. Remote Shutter Release:
Most of the photographers are not aware that the DSLR supports wireless Remote which helps to take pictures without touching the camera. Remote will come in handy when you are going on a tour, you manage to take your own pictures without asking anybody’s help.

One more advantage of owning this remote is, while capturing time-lapse images your camera has to be 100% stable, sometimes even the hand pressure on click button might causes disturbance in the image. At that stage you can use remote to click pictures without touching the camera. Remote is available for less than 1000 Rs. in India.

4. Lens/UV Filters:
If you want to protect your lens from dust and other scratches, you should buy filters.  Filters will act a safe guard for your lens. There are different type filters available. ND filters normally help to cut off the light received by the sensor.  UV filters avoid unwanted sun rays entering the body.

5. Good DSLR Bag:
Both Canon and Nikon gives a carry bag along with the camera. We all know how ugly it looks to carry newly bought DSLR in those outdated Bags. It gets difficult to place additional add-ons in those bags. Therefore plan to buy a good DSLR bag which fits 3 -4 lenses, memory cards, Chargers etc.  This should be easy to place your equipments and also it will be very comfortable to carry.

6. Additional Battery:
It is always advised to have additional battery as a backup because you never know when the battery drains. You will have to force yourself to restrict taking pictures and videos because your camera battery is getting drained.

7. Rain Cover:
Rain cover is one of the Must-Have DSLR Accessories you should consider buying because keeping rain cover will help during raining season. It is worth having a rain cover to protect your DSLR from rain drops or fog.

8. Lens Cleaning Kit: 
DSLR sensor and lenses are very sensitive, even if the small particle of dust enters sensor area or the inner part of lens, it will have major impact on quality of image. Therefore do not have a second thought to buy Lens cleaning kit which will be required for regular cleaning of your lens and DSLR.

Hope this article was helpful. Please comment below if I have missed any of the Must-Have DSLR Accessories.

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