Birthday celebration ideas in Pink City- Jaipur

Jaipur is known for its beautiful Nahargarh sunrise, the soothing view of Jal Mahal, victorious grounds of Amber fort and its amazing street market. The streets dazzle up in the night with shimmery shops showcasing Rajasthani jewelry and dresses, their “Lakh Bangles”, “Bandhej” and “Lehariya” work in clothes are famous worldwide.  Bright colors depict the bright, sunny and colorful lifestyle of the people and their culture. Technology has replaced a lot of things in the world but there is one thing that it hasn’t bee able to compensate for and will never be able to; Love. This is sounding too mushy, isn’t it? But have you ever imagined what the world would turn into if there was no love left? No affection, no celebrations, no merry occasions to be near your loved ones. That would be a terrible and a super plain world.

Birthdays are special occasions which are enjoyed and cherished by your near ones. Parties, gifts, good food and good people is the right formula to celebrate a happy birthday. Never underestimate the power of tiny things, for example flowers, you might think what wonders a simple red rose bouquet would do but it is completely unfathomable what these tiny, supple flowers could do. Send flowers to Jaipur to your loved ones on their special day. Choose amongst the variety we offer of lilies, tulips, roses and many more. From a bunch of yellow roses to white lilies, we do it all. There are a number of flower shops in Jaipur which promise fresh flower delivery and we have mustered them up in one single page from where you can just pick your favorites and order. No hassle of dealing with the vendor directly or calling them up, trying to connect with them, giving instructions which they might not even follow. We take care of everything, from updating the catalogues to the latest collections, booking your order and placing it carefully with a trusted and reliable vendor to delivering at your doorstep, we manage it all quite subtly.

Definitely there are many gift ideas for birthday celebrations in the pink city but a simple gesture can take it to a whole another level of happiness. Customized gifts are the way to go these days, customized mugs, cushions, blankets, literally EVERYTHING. The city has a lot to offer and give, a fine dining roof top restaurant with your partner on their special one could be the one surprise that you can easily plan in Jaipur. Go for brunches in cutsy little cafes, go strolling the streets early in the morning, have a cup of hot coffee at the corner shop, cut a little pastry with a candle on top and a bouquet in hands. Make it a subtle and a gorgeous birthday. There are many cafes where you could celebrate the merry day, some of them are :

Lazy Mojo Café

Mutuals Café

Kafka Café

Blackout Pub

3D restro and Lounge

And the list goes on. There are also some fun activities that you could do on birthdays, they might seem a bit out of the box but oh the fun! You can experiences a whole lot of different fun games and adventures in the pink city which might make you question the idea of going for a trip to try them. Elephant rides at the Amber Fort , camel rides, a cultural and traditional experience at the famous Chowki Dhani, fine dining at a top notch restaurant, you can get it all in Jaipur. Celebrate your loves ones birthday this year with some dazzling enthusiasm and thrill along with being subtle. Take a pick.

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