What Makes a Café Pet-Friendly?

Going out for lunch or dinner with friends is something everyone likes to do. But what about those people who wish to do the same for their pets? People tend to keep their pets caged in their houses even though they consider them to be their pals in need.


The most they can do is take them for a walk but is that all? For a long time now, restaurant owners have been working on a way to create eateries which are pet-friendly.



A pet-friendly café is where you get to sit and enjoy a lovely meal or a cup of tea with your pet. The best kind of café would be where your pet is seated beside you on a chair rather than being tied up in a lawn or cage outside. There should be specially designed seats which would prevent your pet from running away or creating chaos.


The place should preferably be outdoors; if it is indoors then it should have good temperature control as pets can sometimes be very demanding.

Play Areas

Pets are almost like children. As much as they like to sit down on the table with the family to eat, they also love to go and play in the play place with the other pets. Having spent some time away from their owners, the pets love for their masters tend to grow.

This way you can catch up on all the hot gossip with your friends while keeping your precious pet happy. Make sure to keep your pet vaccinated as interacting with animals may leave it prone to diseases.


Of course, just like how you order food or drinks for yourself or for your friends, your pet would also like their own edibles. There should be a separate menu for your pet or at least a column in the actual menu of the place which offers all variety of food which would be suited to your pet’s taste.

They should come in easy to eat containers for your furry little friend. But make sure that all the food for humans and for animals is handled separately. The containers kept should be disposable since it’s unhygienic to use utensils which are already used by another animal. Click here If you wish to know Pet-Friendly Cafes in KL.

Safety and Health Regulations

The best café would be where pets and humans interact in a safe environment while not breaking any safety and health regulations. If a place is unhygienic and doesn’t treat both kinds of the customers properly, then it should be filed a complaint against.


However, this doesn’t only apply to the staff rather the customers as well. Bringing a pet along is okay but it should a clean, calm and vaccinated. If their pet doesn’t qualify for any of the mentioned categories, then excuse them from the vicinity without acting too harsh.


There should be a small restroom for the pets to clean themselves after return from a walk or before their meals.

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