Being “Photogenic” is an Art with Zoticus Productions.

We believe, whoever is born and wherever he or she is are born beautiful and worth getting captured. Now the word Photogenic sounds kind of artificial and says only a few chosen people are meant for it. But that is wrong as they say that only a few people look good with all the angle or that their face is just meant for the camera. The Job of a cameraman or your official DSLR friend is to bring out the best pictures under any circumstances. The otherwise “Non-photogenic” who believe they are, are mostly those who have been clicked bad and tend to look bad in the pictures and thus believe themselves to be not photogenic. The subjects should feel confident as that’s the photographer’s job and find good angles, poses, and lighting to highlight individual’s strength. Because after all, Nothing feels more rewarding than creating a stunning image for someone who otherwise believed they were not photogenic. And we at Zoticus Productions have mastered the art of making people believe that they’re beautiful.

The best way for a photographer to help someone become ‘photogenic’ is by connecting with them. By making that distinct effort to connect with your client you put them at ease about the whole thing. As and when people get comfortable in getting their pictures clicked or be in front of the camera, they automatically glow as they no longer have fear. A client just wants the surety that the person taking the picture has confidence in them and can bring out the best side of them without making them do or feel uncomfortable.

It is very important to know each other prior to the shoot, your very own research of understanding each other helps bring out the best pictures. For example, if everyone’s showing images of anyone’s left side 9 times out of 10, he/she doesn’t look good from the right side. If they posted it in their portfolio or on some type of social media they must have liked it for some reason right? Get that and you know what to do.

Standing in front of someone, holding a camera about to take your picture is nerve racking! Insecurities start to come to mind and people get all awkward. They start to overthink things and they can’t relax.  Being able to step away from your camera and connect with them about things they are comfortable and familiar with will help them relax. It will help them loosen up and trust you when they feel that you care about them, just as much as you care about them looking good for their images. And once that happens they instantly become ‘photogenic’.

At the end you try to study your clients and get them more comfortable. Chances of you getting more photogenic and beautiful pictures increases. Allow them to see you care about who they are and that you’re not as intimidating as your camera makes you seem.

We at Zoticus believe in making this walk down the memory lane, an experience itself. Advt., photography, cinematic weddings & filming are more than just productions – for us they are a labour of love. We let them believe in the fact that they are beautiful in their own way and don’t have to worry about being photogenic or not.

Zoticus Productions – Luxury Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad.

Zoticus is about photography, wedding and corporate video filming and a lot more than just productions.

It isn’t about hiring a photographer anymore, it is about recreating emotions once captured. Your emotions – our passion, driving every individual at Zoticus, and that’s how we come up with incredible tales to be cherished for a lifetime.

You relive at and with us.

Experience incredible tales by Zoticus Productions.


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