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If you are a Professional Photographer and if you are planning to setup a photography studio, You will need to have good number of Studio Backgrounds to achieve good results. Using different Backgrounds or backdrops you can give different looks to your photographs.

If you are looking to buy photography backgrounds online in India, Here is the Best Option

You can buy them from popular ecommerce stores such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Amazon and Flipkart are leading ecommerce players in India, and both the platform have signed up with Popular Background / Backdrop Makers in India.
Prices are reasonable when compared with Local Photo Background Sellers. It starts from as low as 400 Rs for 8×12 backdrops. Hence we strongly recommend you to buy Photography Backgrounds Online.

There are different size Studio backgrounds available on these portals. So Please check the description while buying them.

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Studio backgrounds / Photography backdrops

Why do you need Photography Backgrounds?

Photography Backgrounds are important to highlight the object. If you need the object to look perfect, you will have to have the right background. Sometimes if you wish to have a background of different places like nature, HD Effects, 3d Effects, Different Places you can achieve it without visiting the physical place.  Using editing software like Photoshop you can design stunning images.

Backgrounds are important for Passport size or visa photos as well. Different countries will have different guidelines, colors for their visa / passport photos.


Types of Studio Backgrounds/ Backdrops

There are two different types of Backgrounds

  • Digital Backgrounds (PSD)

  • Physical Backgrounds / Backdrops

1. Digital Photography Backgrounds:

Digital Photography Backgrounds are nothing but e-version of backgrounds. You can download HD photography backgrounds online. PSD backgrounds are ideal if you are using photoshop for photo editing. You can also download jpg backdrops and later you can edit them as per your requirements. Pinterest is the best source to download variety of photoshop psd background full size. There are other sites like, etc.

These are the most common types of Backgrounds which are used in Photo Studios:

  • Studio Background 8X12 Inches
  • Photoshop Studio Background Psd File Free Download
  • Studio Background Psd Files
  • New Digital Studio Background
  • Photoshop Studio Background Wallpaper
  • Photo Studio Background 4X6 Hd
  • Photoshop Studio Background 8X12
  • Studio Background Hd 1080P
  • Hd Nature Backgrounds For Photoshop
  • Studio Background Hd 2018
  • Wedding Design Album Psd
  • Studio Background Psd File Rar
  • Photoshop Psd Background Full Size
  • Studio Background Baby
  • Photoshop Studio Background Wallpaper
  • 4X6 Photo Border Psd
  • Nature Backgrounds



2. Physical Backgrounds / Backdrops

Physical backdrops are used in Photography studio or outdoor to avoid distractions in the image.  Green backdrops are used in video making which can be easily removed and replaced with other backgrounds during post production.

There are different types of Backdrops, Popular types are listed below:

Different types of Studio Backgrounds and Price List


Material Purpose Studio Background Prices in India
Canvas Backrops Indoor Studio, Portraits low key shooting 2000 INR – 15000 INR
Muslin Backgrounds Oudoor Couple Shoots, Casual portraits 1500 INR – 5000
Seamless Paper Backdrops Fashion photography, high key shooting 500 INR – 5000
Fantasy Cloth, Velour, Velvet, etc. Artistic effects, creative lighting 1000 INR – 5000
Vinyl Backgrounds High key shooting, mock walls and floors 500 INR – 5000


What are the different color backdrops available:

There are different color backdrops available, you can choose as per your requirements. Below are the most used backdrops in photo studios:

Color Purpose
Plain White Studio Background Passport, Visa and Portaits – Easy to remove background while post processing.
Black Studio Background Portaits, Couple shoots, Indoor shoots
Red Studio Background Passport Size Photos, Portaits
Green Studio Background Video Shoot, Movies
Blue Studio Background Passport Size Photos, Portaits

Hope this article helps you finding your preferred Photo Studio Backgrounds. If you have any suggestions comments on this article, please drop them as comments below.



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