Where can I get backdrop for rent in Bangalore?

If you are looking for Photography backdrop for rent in Bangalore, you may not get them as of now. We contacted some of the top photography equipment rentals companies in Bangalore and got to know that they are currently not offering backdrop rental service in Bangalore. However if you are looking for other photography accessories you can get them on rent.

If you still need to have a photography backgrounds, you can buy them for cheap price from amazon. At Amazon you can buy good quality studio backgrounds for around 500 Rs. You will get the delivery within 2 -3 days if you are prime customer. You can also get stands along with backdrops which helps you to place the backdrops properly.


To explore different photography backdrops from visit these links below:

Buy Backdrops from Flipkart by clicking below image:

Studio backgrounds / Photography backdrops

If you are looking for backdrops for stage shows, functions or events, there are few options available. You can find them at this rental website rentongo.com. Choose your preferred city and location you will get few vendor options to choose.


You can also find dealers of backdrop for rent in Bangalore from popular listing sites such as Sulekha, Indiamart and Just dial. These sites have listed good number of backdrop rental dealers with them.  You just have to search your requirements in the mentioned sites and choose your location to get contacts of backdrop rental service providers in Bangalore. None of these listing sites assure the quality therefore Don’t forget to read reviews and get quotations from multiple dealers before finalizing the deal.


Always check whether the rental price is lesser than the original price, sometimes you may end up paying more rent than the actual price of the product. You can also explore backdrop papers if required.


If you have come across any backdrop rental service providers in Bangalore, please drop their details in the comments below, so that we will update our list.

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    Everyone needs to survive their life by renting rooms. There will be a backdrop for rentals. Got to know more about buying backdrops online from this article. As you mention its hard to get backdrops for rent in Bangalore from physical stores. It is suggested to buy from the websites mentioned above.

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