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Protect your camera from Fungus using Automatic Dehumidifier Cabinets



It’s Raining!

The fungus can slowly take over and destroy your precious lenses and camera sensors. If you are still not aware of this problem that could be growing on your gear already, better be prepared to part with your favorite equipment. You will have to do few things to keep your camera safe.

The fungus is a micro-organism which grows on anything if it meets the following 3 criteria.
– Darkness
– Moisture
– Adaptive temperature

Your photographic gear always welcome mold when you stash them away into bags or in boxes. Once the mold catches your lens or sensor, it starts biting into the coating and renders permanent signature on everything you click.



Invest on a completely automatic Dehumidifier Cabinets from top end brands like Sirui and say goodbye to fungus forever. These lockable cabinets also offer a dedicated secure storage for your equipment and save them from damages and thefts.

Sirui Cabinets come with unprecedented 6 years warranty and free door step delivery.

For information on what size of the Automatic Dehumidifier Cabinets you require; feel free to contact us anytime.
There are a range of different sizes of cabinets you can choose from…/dehumidifiers/dry-cabinets

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