Tips to keep your Camera Safe

We all know how it feels when we buy our first DSLR! We call it baby, first love, Wife etc, etc. We do lot of research, different combinations while buying a camera, it is also essential to keep it safe.

Here are some of the Tips to keep your camera safe.

1. Buy a Solid Camera Bag:
Popular brands Canon and Nikon gives out a free goodie Camera bag which is not of a great quality. To keep your lenses and camera body safe, it is recommended to buy a solid DSLR bag. Make sure you check below things before buying your DSLR Bag. It might cost a little to buy a high quality DSLR bag. But it is worth investing some money on it.

• Check if it is Rain Proof
• Check if it can accommodate all your Lenses
• Check if it has enough pouches to keep your memory cards, cables and chargers.
• Check if it can be locked
• Check if the built quality is good. Preferably go with bags with rubber grips.

2. Register your Device:
Many photographers forget to do this step which could help them in future. All camera brands have given options for users to register their cameras and lenses on official websites. While registering users should  update serial number of equipments, their contact number, email id and other information.

Just in case if you miss your camera somewhere or if someone steal your camera, one or the other day it reaches authorized service stations, If that happens, companies would freeze these devices at service centers and intimate the original owner.

3. Handle it Single Handed:
Nobody loves your gear as much as you do! Yes you read it right. People who borrow your camera and gears may not know how to handle it well. They may not take that extra care as you do. Therefore keep your DSLR for yourself; there are many DSLR rental companies out there to keep your friends happy.

4. Get an Insurance:
Photographers normally keep travelling; you never know when your equipments go missing. Getting insurance for your equipments might save you from suffering big loss just in case if anything happens in future. Look out for the good insurance policy which offers better insurance coverage. Make sure you read and understand all terms and conditions before signing up with one.

5. Always keep Cleaning Kit:
It is advised to give your DSLR for cleaning every six months. Authorized service centers perform cleaning of the sensor with advanced materials. Just in case if you cannot afford or if you don’t find time to give your gear for cleaning, you can clean it yourself. Ensure you keep the cleaning always in the bag. Especially if you are travelling.

6. Use high Quality Tripod:
Buying a tripod with very strong head would be a good option if you love shooting pictures or videos using Tripods. Tripods with cheap heads might cause serious damage to your DSLR and lenses if it falls down.

7. Hire an assistant;
If you are going for an event for a shoot, it would be good if you could hire an assistant just to take care of your equipments. During special events like weddings, you would jumping around to capture those special moments and there is a high chance that you would misplace your gears. To avoid this, hire an assistant.

These are the very useful Tips to keep your Camera Safe. Hope you found it useful. Don’t forget to share this with your fellow photographers.

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