Top 20 Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas to Spice Up Your Shot List

Wedding is the most special day of a bride and groom’s life. It is the day when two strangers come together and share their entire life together and take vows to love and care for each other. These special moments need to be captured in the camera reels so that it can remind them of the beginning of their journey together s one. Thus a collection of beautiful shots that instantly impress the couple and bring a bright smile on their face is what a photographer aims for.

Trying to please the bride and groom with a set of really astonishing clicks for the most memorable day of their lives, why not add up a bit of your own creative style to make it more exclusive and personalized for them. Get them those shots which they never would have imagined if it were not you who had been there by their side.

So if you are willing to create that special moment for someone or are looking for some really mind-blowing ideas to stand out amongst the rest, check out the following wedding photo shoot ideas that we have brought for you after looking at a 100 different albums and finally came up with the best shots for the big day.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

  1. Use the Negative Space

Try to use a simple but eloquent style of clicking pictures. The Brazilian photographer, Caca Santoro is known for her wedding photograph collection based on the Star Wars theme which has been featured in People, Glamour, Town & Country and Buzzfeed. She captured the shot by using up the negative space around the subject accompanied by the Stormtroopers. Focusing more on the subjects, she chose a simple background.


  1. Just get the lights perfect

No click can be more perfect than the one with an adequate amount of lightening in the right spot. One such click from Bethan Haywood Jone’s wedding photography was featured in Uk’s prestigious Wedding Magazine, Rock n Roll Bride, Vintage Life and many others. This shot emphasizes the need for the right light, embracing the flare of the lens and keeping up with the time of day to brighten up the classic wedding photography and work wonders with it.


  1. Creating concepts for every moment

A wedding is not just the coming together of two individuals but it is also meant for celebrations. If you are not just focusing on portraits and bridal photography, take some time to capture the moments of celebration which will be a symbol of joy for the couple even years later. Recreate the moments while raising a toast, the hands in air and feet on the dance floor, the applause, the bride and groom dance, the vows or the family cheer with your clicks.

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  1. “Play with shadow”

It is not something common that everyone would come up with. Playing with lights can be really cool if you get the perfect blend of lights and shadow. Photographer Miriam Brummel managed to click an artful eyepiece for a bride where she pulled off the light and shadow effect excellently with spotlights creating a dramatic eye-catching silhouette. These images can play wonders in your wedding photography portfolio and will look good in your client’s album.


  1. More focus on details

Capture the discreet details of the wedding processions in and around the bride and groom to ensure that your photos live up in their memories forever. The wedding photography collection by Christina Best is a compilation of those intricate details that the bride and groom will cherish forever.


  1. Capture the lively moments

Keep your camera steady and ready to go for a live-action moment that will add movement to the wedding album. The lively photoshoot by Saneesh Sukumaran has captured the lively moments of the traditional Indian wedding ceremony. 


  1. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.

It’s not an easy job to pose for a photograph or look good if you aren’t a model. Couples have a tough time working up a good pose for that perfect picture in their album. What works best in such a situation is a natural photograph of the couple in their moment of joy and happiness. This way it becomes realistic, beautiful and personal all in one click. Danielle Victoria is a pro photographer who owns this theory by getting to know the couples and loosing up their tension for the perfect shot.


  1. Time-Lapse Effect

A time-lapse styled image is a unique way of capturing the shot when there is a large or even small number of people in an interesting location to keep up with the spirit of the event. This effect has been justified by Johnny Lam in his wedding photography at a summer camp in Ontario that highlights the feel of the crowd.


  1. Make every location memorable

Outdoor weddings give us a chance to explore unusual ideas for a daring shot. The Sweden based photographer Emma Watson put her brilliant mind and pushed the couples off their limits to try a daring move by climbing up a tree.


  1. Playing illusions with perspective

Add more drama to your photographs by changing the focus area of perception. Try elevating your focus level to get the unusual click that captures every detail of the moment.


  1. The perfect group photograph

While aiming for a unique group photograph, play with space and create groups to add more volume to the shot. You can add more levels to get a unique shot. This composition is creative and adds visual interest to the boring standard group picture.


  1. Dive in the process

A lot of efforts are put in while planning and putting out the details for the wedding. Thus capturing the most intricate time of their life while they are busy planning their wedding for the album will remind them of the basic things they might foresee in the long run.


  1. Play with details

Add a little fun to your portfolio collection with the minor details that are not so observant yet still are playful. Create a sensible collaboration of the creatively selected pictures that still have a funny element. Wedding photographer Nikki Segarra combines a documentary capturing the little details with her fine art photography expertise playfully. 


  1. Discover the group dynamics

Even the smallest weddings can unleash the best of the group dynamics. Tom Calton a UK based photographer masters the art of fine photography with lively group shots. The group photographs turn out to be creative and hilarious having the prime focus on the couple’s friends and family members.


  1. “Shoot the in-between moments”

Wedding photography is not always about the definite moments, but it can submerge the indefinite occasions in the camera reel. The wedding photography duo Adam Gouldson and Karl Denham recreated the memorable and unexpected shot of an on-the-go wedding couple trying to escape the rain.


  1. Choose nature as a backdrop

Nature is the best backdrop when it comes to shooting for the wedding photographs. It is the most basic addition that brings life in the photographs. One such photographer is Mana Meadows, who is both a wedding photographer and a photojournalist. She balances her work with editorials giving the most natural unposed collection. Her best shot is of a bride in a scenic backdrop of plains with winds adding life to her veil.


  1. Use texture and textile

Sometimes it is not easy to break the monotony of a kissing photograph. Renee Rorer outwitted the misconception by enveloping a happily married couple in the bride’s veil devouring them into their own magical word for a moment to get that perfect picture.


  1. Let’s pair up in a diptych

This elusive style was used in the 18th-century wooden paintings that tend to be placed sideways giving away the impression of closed doors. Elisha Braithwaite chose to redefine the style by clicking the motion of tossing the bouquet in the air breaking away from the monotony of the expected photograph.


  1. Get an epic location for the couple

Don’t settle for the ordinary wedding photography destinations, get along the edge to find a place which is more exciting and has that natural element that adds charm to your photographs. These breathtaking photographs in the lap of nature are surely an incredible hit in the pack.


  1. Being a voyeur isn’t bad

Don’t shy from having a snap that deciphers the love or intimacy of the couple hiding from the crowd. Will Clarke managed to secretly capture the stolen kiss of the couple Owen and Vanessa before their wedding ceremony. Captured with lens hidden in a natural surrounding the photograph is a true bliss for the album.

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