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Anish George – Videolinks

You may have come across hundreds of businessmen; I mean, successful businessmen. But very few people in India know about the person I am writing this article on. His name is Anish George Videolinks. He hails from Kannur, Kerala. There is very little information available about him on the internet. And more primarily, you should know that he is a businessman.

The personality that I am going to mention today about is not an ordinary business individual. I gathered all these information about him after very deep, intense and long hours of research. First of all, to tell you what business he does; he owns one of the leading Photographic store called Videolinks in Kannur Kerala.

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About Videolinks: It deals with sales and service of all kinds and what, not of photography related equipment. It is an exclusive showroom for Sony, Canon, Nikon, Digital Cameras and Video cameras as well. And also to mention about other accessories that Video Links deals with; Digital camera batteries, memory cards, camera tripods, camera bags, Blank-CD-DVD, Inkjet printers, cartridges, Fotoframing, Lamination services and much more under a single roof. This all-in-one photography store is run by Anish for almost two decades for now since 1998 to be precise.

The store Video Links is also an authorized channel partner for Nikon, Sony, Canon, Sigma, Tamron, Lowepro, and Benro.


People who have merely heard the least about Anish George consider him as an excellent businessman before taking him to be a brilliant dealer for photography equipment. If you dig deeper to know about Anish’s personality and character, you would not be surprised to find out that he is one of the humblest walking souls out there which is evident because of the heights he has reached by doing what he does and the simplicity that he carries.


Anish is one of those characters who believe in the “Word of Mouth”. And for those who don’t understand the meaning of Word of Mouth, it is the process of transmitting information from one person to another through oral communication. It is passing of information by one individual to another about either a real event or it may also be something that’s made up. Talking about Anish’s belief in the Word of Mouth (WoM), one can never find him being advertised or he himself endorsing anything that he markets online, which also apparently resulted in me getting very few details on him from the web.

The perimeter and boundary of his fame that he has achieved is all because of the WoM. You can find people writing reviews on buying cameras and photography related gear from him on sites such as Amazon and the like. His expertise over his business and sensitivity and dedication towards being the best in what he does has helped him to reach these measures of popularity.

Popularity does not only mean that you have to be famous on the internet or media. Photography; and if you are one of those who buys more-in-demand or rear-to-find gears, then you would know the number of people who talk about Anish being the best dealer and businessman in this field of all and the customer satisfaction factor that he always holds high.

There is still a lot more to talk about Anish George videolinks, a humble and awesome businessman from Kerala. I would try to learn more about him and bring to you more in his personal life, his ventures and so on.

You can write to Anish at: [email protected]

Or you can reach him at 9846704343, 0497-2767290

Walk into his store at VP Complex, Near Old Bus Stand, Kannur, Kerala – 670001

Anish is setting up his website Videolinks where you can easily buy items from his store online. That’s all about Anish George for now, but I will see to it that I try to gain deeper sights of his true and closer personality and character and write another article covering wider information about the guy that stands the best ambassador of the Word of Mouth.

And not to forget, Anish provides the best service anybody can ever deliver in the business domain.

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