Which is the Cheapest Country to Buy Camera – DSLR in the World?

If you are wondering Where to buy the cheapest DSLRs in the world? Here is the answer. First of all, DSLRs are advanced Cameras which are costly when compared to point and shoot cameras. If you are planning to buy them from different countries, this article would certainly help you.



If you have plans to buy DSLR from another country, first you should check whether it is ideal to import them or to buy them locally.

The reason being, when you import DSLR cameras from other countries, you will have to pay custom and other taxes to the Government, which would shoot up the cost of buying the DSLR. Sometimes you may end up paying more money than the local camera price.

There are complaints about the import of cameras. Sometimes shipment may not reach your target location.

If you are planning to pick DSLR personally from another country, Here is the list of countries.


Which is the Cheapest Country to Buy Camera?


United States:

According to DSLR experts, the United States of America is the country to buy the cheapest DSLRs in the world. It is not just the Cameras but you can also buy other camera accessories like lenses, Tripods, Backpack at the low prices. You can check latest camera prices on Amazon website.



After the USA it is Canada which sells DSLR cameras at the lowest prices in the world. Quality of the Cameras is of high Quality. Keep an eye on offers and other special days like Black Friday Cyber Monday deals. You might get your brand new DSLR for a  “Wow” price.

Hongkong, Singapore Thailand:

Hongkong, Singapore, and Thailand countries are one of the leaders in electronic manufacturing. Since many spare parts of DSLR are manufactured here, you can expect camera prices to be low compared to other places.  Make sure you buy from authorized camera stores, there are grey market sellers in these countries where you get Cameras for less price but you cannot get any warranty for it.



There was a time where people used to thing cameras are cheaper only in the united states, but now the time has changed. Thanks to the Ecommerce trade war between Flipkart and amazon. You can now get the cameras at the best prices in India itself. Watch out for offers day like Flipkart’s Big billion day or Amazon’s the great Indian Shopping festival, you can grab your favourite DSLR at stunning price. Banks offer additional cash back or instant discount to save further.

Indian Rupee is hitting about 73 vs Dollar, it really makes sense to buy DSLR or other electronic items locally in India.
There are different standards of Cameras produced for different countries. Some photographers believe that cameras sold in countries United States, Canada or the United Kingdom are built with high quality.

Hope you have got a fair idea about Where to buy the cheapest DSLRs in the world from this article. If you have come across any other places where you get cameras at lowest prices, please drop them in comments.

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  1. United states is the cheapest country to buy camera. Because Government in USA supports Buying by giving a lot of tax relax on electronic items. USA sells camera not only the cheap price it also sells cameras which are of best quality.

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