Is there any Free Photography Workshops in Bangalore?

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Is there any Free Photography Workshops in Bangalore?

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Well, as far as we know, there is no official institute of person who is taking free photography workshops in Bangalore. However there are a few ways to learn photography for free in Bangalore.

All you need to do is, find some of the Photo walk groups on Facebook. Join them, build a network with other fellow photographers, keep an eye on photo walk events happening in Bangalore.

If you don’t see any photo walks in near future, time for you to organise one. Yes just create an event on Facebook about conducting a photo walk, you can choose any of these locations for photoshoot. You can promote the event on event management sites like meetup where you get good response.

If you are beginner for photography, you will get accompany of other passionate photographers. This can be a very good knowledge sharing session where you can share your learning with others and vice versa.

Other options would be following some of the top photographers in India on their social media. Famous photographers like Sudheer Shivaraman take up some of the free photography classes online through facebook live on youtube etc. By watching those videos and following the important tips given by these photographers, you can enhance your knowledge on photography.

You can also learn photography for free by watching youtube tutorials. There are plenty of videos out there which explains about photography in detail.

If you are not comfortable learning them online, there are other options.

That would be attending Nikon photography workshops which starts as low as 500 Rs. If you need more low budget photography workshop details check this article > Photography workshops in Bangalore


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