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Are you looking for Photography Guest Post to improve your Photography website’s organic exposure? You are the right place! We at accept guest posts on photography niche.

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Why Guest Posting?
If you are thinking why guest posting is required, here is the answer. Guest post is done as part of link building strategy which is one of the Top factors to rank your photography website high on google or any other search engines.

When one website mentions a link to another website, it is a clear indication that the site which is publishing an article is recommending the other site.  When websites get a lot of backlinks (votes) from other websites, Google would put such sites ahead of any other websites.


Why Photopedia?

There was a time where Google used to increase ranking exposure based on a number of Links. But now the scenario is completely changed. Google nowadays is not looking at the number of backlinks but it is strongly looking out for the Quality of backlinks. It’s of no use if you are getting some 100 random backlinks, instead if you get 1 high authority backlink google will happily welcome that. is pure photography website, if you notice there are 80+ posts which are published only on photography. hence if you are planning to build backlinks for your photography website, should be the first option.

Niche Relevancy: Since photopedia is a pure photography blog, the relevance of the backlink is high hence your article or website gets more benefit.

Here are some of the Important Stats of


Photopedia is pure photography blog that accepts guest posts

The website has 27 Domain authority and 36 Page Authority gets very good organic Traffic.

Website is secured with SSL certificate

The site has high authority backlinks from Popular sites like Wikipedia, Behance, Pixabay, Freepik, Imgur Etc.



Photography Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Your article must be on Photography, any article other than photography niche will not be accepted.

The article should have at least 500 words, it should be useful for readers.

The article should be unique, it should pass plagiarism and Copyscape tests.

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