How To Pay For Your Big Day Without Help

Money is a pretty big influencer when it comes to planning your wedding day. Depending on how much money you have saved for this occasion, it will determine what can be spent. The most important thing that people forget when it comes to planning a wedding, is that you are marrying the love of your life, and you have your whole lives ahead of you. This means that your wedding day is just the beginning. I get it, your wedding day is huge and this is totally understandable, but it is one day of celebration, and every day after that is another so why spend all your money on one day? If you budget correctly you can save your money so that you can go on amazing trips after you are married, or buy a nice home, or a pet, or even start a family. Here are some tips on how to pay for your wedding day without help.


Be Realistic


When you are planning your wedding, talk with your partner about wedding details and write all of them down, make sure you both are equally inputting ideas. Then create, organize, and prioritize the list of everything that you wrote down into sections of, you need to have, would be nice to have, and things that you do not need. Be realistic about these ideas. Make sure that every penny that is spent on your wedding day is worth it. If you both agree that maybe something is too excessive, or not necessary then put it in the do no need category.


Get help


I know this title says “without help”, but honestly everyone could use a little help! This is  where all your friends and family come in. I am not saying you ask them all for money, I am saying you ask them to help you, so you can cut back some cost for your wedding! If you can DIY then DIY! Also, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family where they got their wedding guest book and the cost etc.  Getting feedback from trusted friends and family can make sure you don’t spend money where you might not need too.


Save Your Money


Every penny counts. Don’t waste your money on the small things. If you can hold off on purchasing items then do so. That means no window shopping… we all know window shopping is just a code word for actual shopping. Don’t spend on big purchases, you have a lot of “big purchases” ahead of you, so if you can help it, try not to buy big things now.


Remember in Friends, when Monica and Chandler are planning their wedding? Monica had this whole “dream” wedding planned out since she was young. This is great, but if they spent the money on Monica’s plan B, then all of Chandler’s savings would be gone. Chandler wanted to save it so they can buy a house and start a family. Whether you want to start a family or not, just like Monica and Chandler, to pay for your wedding without help, you need to make compromises, and having money left over is always a good thing. 

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