What are the gears or equipment needed for a Wedding Photoshoots?

To become a wedding photographer, it not just the skills which are important but also the equipment. Equipment and accessories play a major role to get the best outcome from the event. In this article, we will throw some lights on the important gears and equipment you should own.

  1. Cameras
  2. Lenses
  3. Lights
  4. Glide cams and Sliders
  5. Props



The first and foremost equipment wedding photographer should own is Cameras. Consider buying a full-frame camera than buying the cropped body. Full frame cameras come with high capacity sensors and ISO Capacity. Full frame cameras are comparatively costlier than cropped version cameras but its definitely worth the investment.


Just like the Camera body, Lenses also vital in getting the best Photography output, You will need different types of lenses like wide-angle lenses, prime lenses for portraits and Zoom lenses. Make sure you buy lenses with larger aperture capacity such as 2.8 or 1.8 which gives the best bouquet effect and nice depth of fields. Try to buy a combination of lenses so that they are handy in different situations.

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Lights and flashes are very important accessories to own, you cannot rely on natural light all the time hence you will need some external lights to produce great quality photo output. Camera flashes, LED Lights and even some reflectors can create a great ambiance to capture pictures.


Glidecams and Sliders

Glidecams and Sliders help you capturing the candid videos with very smooth effects. There are a variety of glide cams available for DSLRs. Check some of the Best Glidecams for DSLRs.


Your clients would love it if you provide them the best props for their shoot. Small accessories and props can add that extra wow element in pictures.

These are some of the important equipment and props that are needed to become the Best Wedding Photographer. If you are a wedding photographer let us know what accessories you feel very important. Thanks for reading!

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