Courses to take up for BACHELORS of SCIENCE in PHOTOGRAPHY


Photography is an art of capturing the light emitted by the objects which we are focusing on. The word “Photography” originated from Greek roots which basically means “drawing with light”. Photography is one of the fastest growing service industries alongside the technological advancements in line which helped push its scope even further. Photographers used to shoot on the ground and just a few decades later, now they are able to shoot using drones and we are developing software which falls into this realm to support this technological marvel. Cameras and Photography equipment are the only Consumer Electronics besides mobile phones which are more in demand.


Photographers are usually self-employed and can work in many fields like news, commercials, cinema, private and also in many scientific disciplines. But for a stable photography career, one needs to be equally qualified alongside the skills. The education needed for an individual with photography as a career prospect needs to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Photography.




A bachelor’s degree will foster a photographer’s talent and teach the skills necessary to be a professional photographer. A Bachelors of Science degree is a cluster of academics with real-life photography provided by qualified and established professionals in the field.

A bachelor’s degree deals with knowledge of the academics and techniques along with an essence of knowledge about Photographic equipment with good technical abilities. By the end of the course, their portfolios will be polished. Bachelor’s degree in photography includes art, business, cinema, fashion, marketing, etc. It completely depends upon the individual what he is really interested in pursuing. There are students who complete their diploma and turn towards their passion to be a professional photographer. However post-secondary education is not mandatory for most photographers, besides a Bachelors of Science degree will improve their skills and employment prospects.



 Just like Bachelors in Photography where students are exposed to a spectrum of various business subjects, they can also pursue Master in Business Administration to continue their interest in Academics, there are many MBA programs available online and in colleges. Kolkata is very famous for jute but it is also famous for MBA, there are one of the best MBA colleges in Kolkata.

Photography is a documentation of a fascination with the natural world. Every time we picture something there is a lesson to learn. Photography is a very creative field, unlike other fields, that’s how everybody is viewing photography nowadays as a series of lessons to learn and this is continuously a learning platform with courses available all across the globe.

A Bachelor of Science degree will give an overall view of this course, but a Master’s degree will be more specific and well oriented with an individual’s field of interest which might suffice for some positions at the outset of a career.

The biggest cliché in photography is Sunrise and Sunset, light matters!

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