Some Amazing Tips and Tricks for Wedding Photographers

A wedding is one of the most important parts of a person’s life and wedding photography is equally important. The moments captured are the memories which the couple and their family would cherish throughout their lives and a perfect wedding album will make the big day even bigger.

So, if you are a candid wedding photographer here are a few tips and tricks which you will find immensely useful during the shoot.


Always start with the basics: Keep your main focus on the bride and groom

Make sure that the best pictures of the day are the bride and the groom. Make them fall in love with each other all over again through your photographs.


Family photographs are always a must

You just can’t afford to miss out a photograph with the bride’s grandmother. Ask a member to guide you while taking the family photographs and take some really good group photographs consisting of all the important members of the family.


Always make sure that you have enough light

Light is a major factor while taking snaps. So, make sure that your surroundings are well light. Talk to the family beforehand so that they make proper arrangements. You should also have your backups ready in case there is a problem.


The more the merrier

It is always better to have three or four men with you so that you can carry out the entire task in a coordinated manner.  One person should see to it that the couple gets clicked with all the important members of the family. Also, you should have more than one camera ready as it is always difficult for a single cameraman to capture the entire event.


Little things can make a huge difference

Capture all the fine details of the wedding like the ring, the menu card, the backside of the bride’s dress. These will add intensity to your photographs.


Never try to get rid of your mistakes

Do not delete the pictures which you think are not fit for the wedding album. It may so happen that your rejected picture turns out to be the biggest hit of the day.


Be bold and courageous

Try to take control of the situation instead of waiting for someone to take charge. You should make the perfect moment happen instead of waiting for it.


Always be innovative

Try to think of new ideas. Come out of the old-fashioned and normal shots.  Plan out the shots in advance so that you are absolutely sure of what you are going to do on the day of the wedding.


Try to showcase your work before the audience

Try to make arrangements so that your photographs can be displayed on a projector screen on the night of the reception. This will not only bring a smile on everyone’s face but will also give a proper kick to your career.

Shaadinama, wedding photographer

Bring the best out of every situation

No wedding is complete without some flaws in it. The wedding ring may be lost or the groom may spoil his dress. Make these moments count. Try to add some elements to your album from these moments.

Visit the wedding location beforehand.

You should always have a clear view of the wedding destination so that you can have a clear image of the scene in your mind. Select the backgrounds where you will be taking your most important shots.


Be the silent hero

Make sure that you turn off your camera’s sound before you start shooting. You would not like to grab the attention of the people before taking their candid shot. Also, never miss capturing a sweet moment between the bride and the groom silently!


Always ask everyone to smile

Ask the people to smile and be merry. You cannot even imagine the amazing difference a smile can bring to one’s face.

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