Marketing Tips for Photography Business

marketing tips for photography business

Business is a tricky thing, not everyone who starts it will succeed. Similarly it goes with Photography Business as well. To start and sustain in Professional Photography business, you need to have strong Marketing skills to sell your photography service. Here are some important marketing tips for photography business which can take it to the next level.

1. Go Online:
World is going Digital, Internet users are increasing day by day. If you still stick to your old traditional way of doing business, you will be stuck there. Get a nice website designed from professional web designers or you can set up your own eCommerce site for your photography business at Make sure you showcase your portfolio art work on the website and don’t forget to add lead generation form and Call to Action Buttons.


2. Participate In Forums:
Forums such as Facebook Groups and Quora can generate some important leads for your Photography Business. Keep an eye on relevant forums in Fb and Q&A platforms like Yahoo answers or Quora, whenever there is a request for a recommendation or an answer, help users by giving a crisp introduction about your business and why they should use your services.


3. Take Advantage Referrals
According to recent survey report, more than 70% of clients go with family or friends’ referrals while hiring a photographer for wedding and any other occasions. Customers may not be ready to take risk by finding some unknown photographer. Therefore ask your existing clients and your friends to recommend your services to their friends and colleagues. Referrals are the most powerful way of marketing.


4. Treat Customer as More than a King
Customer loyalty is very critical in service Industry, if the client is happy he will share good things about your business with at least 10 people. If he gets bad service, they will ensure you disappear from the market. Therefore, carefully handle customers. Provide best service experience. Give them memorable goodies, send them birthday wishes etc. If you make them happy, they will take care of your marketing campaign.


5. Be Social on Social Media
Be active on social media, keep sharing your works on image and video sharing sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Etc. You can make use of Whatsapp Broadcast to communicate any special offers or discounts.

While sharing art work on social media, make sure you keep best of your works. Good portfolio of your works can drive attention and can generate leads for your business.


6. Make Google as your Friend
Most of the purchases of products begin with a search engine. As we all know, Google has become an integral part of our life. Many people search for Google to find the required information. Once you get your photography website, don’t forget to optimize the website for search engines. Make sure your site is visible to the search terms which are related to your business. It can drive a lot of traffic to your website and you can convert that traffic into sales.

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Adding digital marketing touches to your business and improving customer’s happiness, you can take your photography business to the next level. I hope these tips help you to scale the business in a better way.

Feel free to ask questions below if any.

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  1. Making Google to your friend is essential but to bad that this alone can be a full time job.

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