WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN PHOTOSHOP – There are thousands of hundreds of opportunities in learning Photoshop, starting from the creation of unique emblem for a user.  It allows the user to be opened to diverse opportunities to explore potentials and create artistic designs through repetitive trials.

  • Graphics design practice: Photoshop does not just give users the edge goes create website layouts but also gives them the opportunity to expel their creativity on designing business and greeting cards, wedding invitation cards, flyers, book cover and brochure designs, posters and lots more. Virtually all logo designs are made using Photoshop.
  • Restoring worn-out pictures:  With basic knowledge in Photoshop, old and damaged pictures that seem unfortunately for our homes can be restored.  All needed to relive the old memories stuck in the old images are the clone stamp, patch tools and brush on Photoshop.
  • Stitching graphic designs with texts: To create a superb graphic design, there is a need to learn the basics of how to switch graphics images with texts.  Photoshop gives a soothing advantage of perfectly matching graphics with texts together to give a fabulous effect.  Blending images with texts employs the use of drop shadow effect, bevel and emboss features of Photoshop to give the best outputs.
  • Changing the color of images: The use of this picture-editing tool Photoshop can ultimately help in changing pictures of images and subsequently enhance their qualities. Using a photoshop, colored images can be changed to Black and whites and vice versa.
  • Mistake rectification in Images: Red-eye defect, poor lighting, and shadow are few of what makes pictures look bad. However, the visual quality of images can be enhanced by the use of Photoshop tools. The unwanted edges can also be cropped with the use of the tool, while it could also be used to trim off other weak detectable points of images.
  • T-shirt design creation: The world of fashion is revolution near great ideas birthed through innovations.  The demand for design-enriched T-shirts has also been on the rise in the market, and these designs can be created via photoshop tools with interesting images and fonts.
  • Video artistry: In video editing, photoshop is employed to improve and enhance the color grades of videos and also to apply those filters.


Before the eventual introduction of steps involved in photoshopping a face swap, here are important features and terminologies to basically understand before proceeding to the next stage:

  • Clone stamp: This is used on Photoshop to get rid of imperfections and blemishes on the skin of the object.
  • Gaussian Blur: Gaussian blur enhances the image and typically helps to blur a selection edge.  
  • Blend: This is a terminology used to qualify the process by which pixels of two images are mixed together to get a desirable effect. In photoshopping, there are several reasons that can warrant the use of blend modes.  The basic importance of blending, however, is to help in converting a lighter image to a darker image and also from a darker image to a lighter one.
  • Dehaze: Dehazing in photoshop is rescuing images that are beset by atmospheric pollution and fog.
  • Layer:  When a user wants to add text to an image or composite a number of images together, layers are what come to play, and each image has a single layer. Layers are like sheets of acetate stacked together. The transparent areas of a particular layer permit to see any other layer below. Layers are found in a region of photoshop tool commonly referred to as LAYER PANEL.
  • Lasso tool: This is one of the basic tools used in Photoshop to make the selection at regions where are no shapes pre-specified. Unlike the Marquee tool that allows users to select areas using rectangular and circle. Lasso tool gives the user to select an image of choice.
  • Free transform: The free transform feature allows users to apply different transformations such as rotation, distortion, and perspective, skewing and scaling in a continuous operation.
  • Channel: This is a toolbox in Photoshop where selections and grayscale images are stored. It helps in storing different types of information.  Such information could either be color information or Alpha.
  • Color information channel automatically generates when a new image is opened.  The mode of the color of the image predicts the number of color channels that are created. For example, in the RGB image model, there is a channel for each of the colors constituting the model (Red, green and Blue) and a composite channel to edit the image.
  • Other channels include Alpha channel which stores selections as grayscale images; and also the spot color channel.
  • Level: The tool used to shift and stretch the brightness levels of images histogram is referred to as Levels in Photoshop. It can ultimately adjust and balance contrast, brightness and tonal range in Photoshop by specifying regions of complete white, complete black and regions of mid tones in a histogram.
  • Clipping mask: A clipping mask is useful in making effects e.g. in making an image show through text. To accomplish this task, a clipping mask uses two different layers in a Photoshop document. The bottom of the two layers serves as the masking agent.

Others include Selection color, luminance reduction effects, text creation, collage and wave drawing for mathematical purposes.


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