Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book

Things to consider before finalising your wedding Photographer

If you have shortlisted your wedding photographer for your wedding or for your loved ones, Here are few Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book them.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

What is the Price for the Photoshoot?

Be sure about charges before you pay the advance. There are some charges photographers add after the event, just to avoid confusions check with your photographer if there is any hidden charge involved in the contract. Be clear on advances, installments as well. Ensure you hire affordable photographer as per your budget.


What is Time of Arrival?

Ask your photographer to reach the wedding venue at least an hour before the event begins. Just to ensure they reach the venue on time. Things will mess up if the photographer comes late.


What is the type of Wedding Album Type You are going to get?

There are too many variety of printings available in the market. Ask your photographer to show the sample of printing album which he is willing to deliver it to you. Preferably go with multi type of printing which adds extra life to your wedding album.


What would be the Wedding Album Delivery Time?

According to one of the recent survey we conducted, 75% of wedding photographers do not deliver albums or photos on time. That may be because client delay shortlisting photos or Photographers gets too busy with their other assignments. Have a mutual understanding on Album Delivery.


How much Experience does your Wedding Photographer has?

Check how many years of professional experience your photographer has got. Now a days every tom with DSLR call themselves wedding photographers. Few photographers buy demo albums from famous printing houses which would obviously look good as they were produced as part of their marketing plans. Ask your photographer to share their original works, links to view their portfolio. Not always go as per demo albums.


Photography Equipments and Accessories used:

Ask your photographer on what equipments they use. Example stage lights, Background kit, Type of Cameras etc. It helps if you understand why these equipments are used.


Complete details of the wedding photography Package:

Before finalizing your photographer, check what all included the package like photography, videography, album types, accessories used etc. Preferably get an email confirmation on the same.


Do they have Backup photographers?

Check if your photographer what are the backup plans they would have to cover your event. If they bring one camera to cover-up the event it is risky. Ask your photographer to have backup person along with additional cameras to ensure things go as planned.

Hope you have enjoyed my writing. Who is your favorite photographer? Drop in as comments.

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