Different Types and Genres of Photography

Photography is a vast subject. It has variety of verticals. If you have decided to take Photography as a profession or a part time hobby, it is important to know different types of Photography and How they work. It is advised that to concentrate on one vertical to become master of it. Here are some of the major types and genres of Photography.

Travelling Photography:

Travelling photography Love to take a picture of a landscape? Ancient Temple? Or a beautiful view of sunset at the beach? If your answer is yes, then you passionate about Travelling photography. If you have bought a camera just to capture some specail moments and if you have no intention to make money out of it then you can simply use it whenever you are travelling. Your travel will be even more fun if you start capturing things around.


Wedding and Candid Photography
wedding photography candid photography
Candid photography means capturing special moments naturally without asking for a pose. If you have taken photography as your career, then Wedding Photography or Candid Photography can be a right option for you. Candid Photography has become a new trend in India as most of the young couple in metro cities prefer to go with candid photography over tranditional photography for their weddings and any other special events.
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Product Photography

product photography photopediaProduct photography is a type of commercial photography which is about representing a product. Companies require Product photographers to shoot photos for their magazines, websites, catalogues, advertisements etc.There is huge demand for Product Photographers as there is a boom in E-commerce Industry in India. Start building your portfolio and showcase it on different image sharing sites.

Fashion Photography
fashion photography photopedia
Fashion Photography is typically used to sell something by glamorizing it. A wrist watch, Clothes, Jewelry, Shoes, Sun Glasses to name a few. Understanding utilization of lighting, makeup. Location and styles play a major role in fashion photography. If you are willing to make your career in Modelling Agency you should learn Fashion Photography.

Wildlife Photography:
Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is one of the most challenging types of photography which is concerned with capturing various forms of wildlife in their habitat. It requires special skills and advanced equipments to become wildlife photographer. Most of the Professional Photographers from this genre say that they make either no or less money and they do it for their satisfaction and for betterment of wildlife.
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