Professional Motorized Camera Slider and its types

We’re aware of the advanced technology and recently, it was published that sliding or track had become the famous technique in both time-lapse photography and video production. Those who have been working in this field for a long time period probably know that to capture or record fine images you have to do work harder. It means you need to practice a lot. In order to achieve, those ultra smooth movement you need to professional-grade motorized camera Slider.

If you search on Google, you’ll find so many developers who develop the best-motorized sliders. But you have to think firstly, what’s your range?

In this article, I am going to discuss with you the world’s best video recorder or cameras like DSLR. I’ll discuss with you the specifications, features, and prices, then you’ll be able to make a good decision.

Kinds of Motorized Sliders

There are different ways of motorizing your slider movements. Many manufacturers sell their product with complete kits that are included the slider rails and a motor, Many sell just a motor.

Now let’s talk about the best-motorized camera sliders.

Here is the list of best and finest motorized camera sliders:


  • Trost m100 + Ditogear MotionKit
  • Cinevate Duzi v3 (B & H, Amazon)
  • HexaSlide PRO
  • Konova K7 (B & H, Amazon)
  • ProMediaGear PMG-DUO (B & H, Amazon)
  • Glide Gear Gemini (B & H, Amazon)
  • Kessler Cineslider (B & H, Amazon)
  • Control deslizante iFootage Shark (Amazon)
  • Dynamic Perception Stage One Plus
  • Libec ALX S8 (B & H, Amazon)
  • Edelkrone SliderPLUS Pro (By H)f
  • Modern Studio 3 ‘Camera Slider
  • Kit Ditogear T’rantula GO + Evolution
  • Rhino EVO Pro (B y H)
  • Director de Redrock Micro One Man Crew (B & H)
  • Rigwheels Raildolly 2X y Syrp Genie: Como Grupo decontrol. (B & H, Amazon)
  • Sistema inteligente Smartslider Reflex S + Digidrive (Amazon)
  • SlideKamera HSK Slider PRO + X-Motor


Among all above-mentioned names I just like one of them and I’ll also discuss that one because I know that one is the best motorized camera slider.

So I’ve chosen Control deslizante iFootage Shark (Amazon) to talk about.

If you want to buy iFootage Shark motion slider then you should know that it will include Shark slider S1 with a motorized drive system. Extension rails and a tilt head and pan.

The motorized drive system contains a shutter control unit, a motor module with 7 shutter cables along with a machine called wireless controller, with the help of this machine the shutter units and motor can be operated.

This awesome Shark Slider S1 is made of Carbon fiber slider that can support up to 15 lb. It has a total sliding length of 47 and it can support even very long optional rails and it can increase the sliding length to 70. The S1 also has a flywheel which will help you in damping effect to your slides whenever this s1 slider will be used without the motion control system.

Do you know? It can capture 360-degree images because it has the two-axis head which is capable of capturing up to 360 degree of pan and 90 degrees of tilt.

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