10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Photographer

10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Photographer

People always want to look for an individual who is extra cool and has that extra charm when they want to go on a date. The below listed reasons should be considerably sufficient enough to convince yourself to go on a date with a person who does nothing but just click photos all day long. So spare those extra couple of seconds to read Why You Should Date a Photographer

  1. You will never miss a memory

He is always there to capture any instance of your life you want; be it your first date, a walk in the park, or an organized event, or just snapping around just for the fun of it, you will never miss any. You will know how precious those captured moments are for you once you realize you wouldn’t be looking at them now if they weren’t caught by him.

  1. They are socially active

Social activeness is in their nature. Not only because of that, but they are also obliged to be socially active. They make the best collaborators for almost everything.

  1. They take good care of things and gadgets

They are very conscious about placing their gadgets and devices at the right place and are very good at handling them carefully. They are usually very sensitive towards taking care of sensitive things. You can be worry-free because even your stuff will be taken care of well.

  1. They always make you smile

You tend to feel like they are obsessed with your smile. Making you smile is so important for them that, you never know whether it’s him or the camera that’s constantly and spontaneously putting a smile on your face. They will eventually make you feel that it’s you who is making those photographs look beautiful.

  1. You never run out of topics of conversation

They never stick to one boring topic of conversation all day long. They have ample of things on their mind to discuss, chat or just jibber-jabber about all the time. And the best part is, that you will never be bored of the topics they talk about.

  1. They are awesome at Photoshop

Yes, they are the ones who understand the purpose of image manipulation and enhancement. Not only they make you look good in their raw photography, but they will also remove that pimple on your face that will ruin your display picture for your online profile.

  1. They have that “Another different perspective”

They always look for the best in things; which means they always look for the best in you too. Apparently, they make everything and every spot around you look beautiful. Be it the one on your cheek or the one on this earth.

  1. They are technically sound and geeky

They are the ones you can always rely upon for expert advice and assistance with any kind of technical stuff. You will begin to wonder how they know all the stuff they know already.

  1. They are creative in everything

It is not only with photography that they are immensely creative with, their brains are trained to be creative in almost everything. They know how to focus on even the minutest of the details being creative at the same time. They know that it takes both hard work and smart work to achieve something like their creative vision.

  1. They love it

They do what they love and love what they do. If photography had been their passion all the way, they do what they love. If photography is what they do for a living, they love what they do; which apparently means that they will always love you no matter what.

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