What is ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture Basic DSLR Settings

Learn What is ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture Basic DSLR Settings

ISO: ISO is essentially a camera’s sensitivity light, basically you set that first before you go out for a shooting depending upon the lighting conditions avaialble. Later on you have to adjust your aperture and shutter speed.

This works like : If you are in a place where there very less light you will have to shoot up ISO. As you increase ISO your images get brighter.

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You should also observe noise level in the image. If you increase ISO you are allowing camera to produce more noise.

ISOIf you are buying a camera you should observe noise patterns of the model. Ideal ISO threshold for most of the DX cameras is 800. Some cameras may produce good results at ISO 1600.
Little amount of noise is still fine if you are using images for your website or social media. But if you are going for larger printing, noise will be easily noticeable.

As far as best practices is concerned, Keep your ISO as low as possible and use Aperture and Shutter speed to give you a better exposure. Keeping Lower ISO will give you rich colors, smooth and Low Noise images.

Now lets get in to Aperture

Aperture is the measurement of how open or the close the IRIS in the lens which allows more and less light. It also plays a major role in controlling the depth of field.
If you ever wanted learn to take the picture with blurred background, then here is what you were looking for.


Your aperture is controlled by F Stop numbers. Fstop is a measurement of the distance of the opening of the aperture to the edge and inter edge of the diameter of the lens. Lower the number, the more open it is and more open it is the more shallow depth of field.

Eg: F1.4 is pretty open it allows lot of lights and gives higher depth of filed
and F20 is almost closed it allows less light in to the body and gives less depth of field.

Difference between two images:

You can observe how blurred background is created.

Shutter Speed:

its the speed how fast the shutter of a camera captures the particular image. If you allow shutter for long time, it will allow more light. If you allow shutter to be clicked fast then you are allowing less light into the camera.

If you are shooting in a sunlight, you would not allow shutter to be kept open for longer time so you use faster shutter speed. One more important thing is that if you keep your shutter open for longer your imags get blurred.
Fast Shutter:
If you wish to capture a sharp image of fast moving subject, you should use very fast shutter speed. Eg: 1/1000

Slow Shutter:
Sometimes you would need to keep your shutter for longer time if you wish to capture water falls like a milky flow or Time lapse photo of night traffic. All the motions will be captured if you keep it open for as long as possible.

slow shutterPlease note: Using Tripod is mandatory if you are keeping your shutter open for longer duration.

Now its very important to learn how to make combination of ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture to produce the image you are trying to capture.

If you really want to learn the professional photography learning these 3 controls are very essential. And try producing images with different settings using manual mode so that you will start understanding each functions.

If you are not comfortable with manual mode completely you can start with semi manual modes like Aperture priority mode (Which sets shutter speed automatically) Shutter Priority mode which sets aperture automatically to start initially.

Keep taking as many pictures as possible with different settings and see how each settings making difference in results.

Hope this article helped you to develop your photography skills.
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