Which is the best portrait lens? 35 mm, 50 mm or 85 mm?

If you are thinking on getting a Prime lens for your DSLR and if you are looking for a best portrait lens you are the right place. I am sure this article will help you finding the right one.

Most of the users and Professional photographers believe all three model are the best on their own ways. However I have segregated couple of key points to help you making the right purchase decision.

35 mm: 35 mm has wider view. You can use it a great walk around lens to capture pictures of a semi wide shots. It is also ideal if you are willing to take full size portraits. You will have to get closer to the model to take extreme close up shots.

If you are using DX camera bodies your actual focal length would be 35 mm x 1.5 (in some cases 1.6x) which will be almost equivalent to 50 mm. On FX bodies focal length remains the same.

Another important reason to buy 35 mm lens is it is very cheap. Performance and speed is extra ordinary.

50mm: 50 mm lens is another master piece which produces awesome professional quality pictures. It is ideal for waist up portrait shots. 50 mm has better shallow depth of field when compared with 35 mm. 50 mm 1.8 D lens is one of the cheapest lenses (Only with price, no compromise with quality) available in the market. You can buy it from Amazon for around 6000 INR (100$)

Focal length of 50mm lens on DX cameras would be around 75mm; on FX camera it would be equal to 85mm.


85 mm: 85 mm is favorite lens for many professional photographers as it produces mind blowing images. Some photographers suggest 85mm on both FX and DX cameras because it gives really nice blur effect in the background as it as longer focal length it usually forces you to frame great close up shots.

Price of 85mm lens is much higher than both 35mm and 50 mm but it is worth to buy 85 mm lens if you are serious about portrait photography.

Considering all above factors, it is clear that all these lens are unique and produce great quality of images. If you are budget conscious go with either 50 mm 1.8 or 35 mm 1.8 which are very cheap. If you could afford little more, go with 85 mm. However most of the professional portrait photographers prefer to have all three so that they can use as in when there is a requirement.

Which is the best portrait lens according to you? Comment below.

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