How to start Photography? Beginner Photography Tips

how to start photographyWe all would have witnessed  WOW! Moments in our life, Maybe while traveling, when we visit a beautiful place, Nature or any events we attend, We capture those moments in our eyes and store it mind but how to display same images to others? Unfortunately, our technology has not yet invented a tool to print the images stored in our brain. But the camera helps us achieving it. We all would have clicked photos in our point and shoot, DSLR or mobile cameras and few of them would have made us feel happy if those have come out well. In a way, every human being on the earth is a photographer, as we keep clicking images and store it every day.

So, you have found that you can become a potential photographer but don’t know how. Here is an attempt to share some of the things I’ve learned in my five years of shooting, and share some tips that I think can help you expedite your growth.

Here are few Beginner Photography Tips which helps to Start Photography.

Understand what you want as your vision will change

When you start approaching photography seriously, you may never see things the same way again. You will become more creative than you were before, You’ll suddenly become a student of every photo and video you consume. I can hardly watch a movie anymore without analyzing the cinematography and the way that shots are setup. Cinema is a unique medium, but I still draw so much inspiration from how those expert shots are put together.

Use the resources

Of course, photography is an expensive hobby if you are looking for high-quality output, Maybe the equipments, tools and gears used for it decides it. But my piece of advice is not to spend too much on buying a camera as soon as you get a thought of starting photography. Keep calm and start using the available resources like a point and shoot camera or your mobile at least with 8-10 megapixels. Yes, that is how you can start, Once you feel that you had enough experiments done on photographing with it and its time to try something more, then go for a moderate DSLR within your budget later you can think of advanced gears and camera bodies (read our article on Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners).

Invest some Money

As I mentioned earlier if you are ready to spend on your most adorable hobby lets, do so. There are many advanced cameras (DSLRs) and gears in the market which are offered at affordable prices which you can try investing on. Alternately there are numerous agencies who rent the photography equipments on an hourly and daily basis; you can try picking one before you plan for next trip or a shoot. I have also seen many photographers selling used cameras for the best price on many FB groups.

Trial and Error

The best thing I ever realized is Trial and Error The best way to learn. No matter, how your picture looks If you are trying to shoot an object keep clicking until you get a best one, Try shooting with the different combination of all three elements of Photography (Aperture, Shutter speed, and ISO). Practice makes man perfect.

Carry camera wherever you go

Yes you should, I hardly remember the days I go out without the camera because you never know when you see the WOW! Moment around, At least be ready with your mobile camera to capture those moments. Another advantage of carrying the camera wherever you go is the attention you would get. You could feel the respect around. And of course, that is where you learn most when you try shooting outdoor. So camera should be your best mate from now

Attend free/paid workshops

There are many institutions and academies who run photography related workshops few are with fee and few for free, I strongly recommend to attend at least 6 hours of class where you get to know about technical aspects of the camera. There are online tutorials as well on youtube where you get best advise from experts.

Try simple image processing apps (both mobile and desktop)

As and when you click photos make some time to process the best one out of those, A simple correction on Brightness, Contrast, Saturation would add more value to your picture. There are numerous apps on android market for all smart phones and also free and paid apps for your desktop which would help you carving spectacular images.

Stay focused and determined

The must and should factor for being a photographer, Photography teaches you lot many things, It will test your patience but gradually you will master over those things. If you are focused and determined on what you are trying to achieve would definitely take you higher. You may lose the concentration sometime when the pictures would not turn out as you wish but yeah be optimistic as it going to work in the long term. It is impossible to become an expert in photography overnight. Reserve some time for it.

Be active on social medias

What do I do with the images I click? The most motivational factor for your click is when you get Like, comment for it on any social medias. Do upload your best pictures with a best suitable caption on Facebook, Instagram, Flicker, Twitter etc. Which would start building your personal image in your friends circle.  Trust me, You feel very proud when you are recognized you with your talent.

Don’t be logical

Last point and I am done, Photography is an Art, An artist will not have a logic behind his paintings. Similarly you need not have to justify anybody on the pictures you click, Keep seeing the things in different angles though it is not logical. Your freaky mind should be active to show the normal object abnormally.

Wrapping Up, As I look back on the 5 years that I’ve been shooting seriously, it’s hard for me to even count the ways that photography has shaped my life. From the friends that I’ve met in the business experiences that it’s brought with it, photography can be such a positive force for anyone from amateur to lifelong professional. Hope this article “How to start Photography? Beginner Photography Tips” helped you in some way.

What are some things you wish you knew when starting photography? What have you learned throughout your shooting career? Share it with us.

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