Amazing Gifts for Photographers to Surprise them

gift for photographers

We all have at least that one person in our life who is a photographer, might he/she be a professional or just an enthusiast. People’s mind really go haywire when they plan on giving their “Life’s Photographer” a gift on an occasion, their birthday or just for the love of gifting.

Check out the most ideal things that make the best gifts for photographers and what a creative lens man would love to receive.

  1. Memory Cards and Flash Drives

Photographers do need enormous amount of storage for the photos they capture. And it goes without explaining if he/she is a professional photographer. Gifting them a memory card or a flash drive may really come in handy for them when they are too far from home and are facing storage space crisis; an easy chance to grab some space in their mind by gifting them some space. Not only that, but also a photographer’s storage space is obvious to keep expanding just like the universe.

There also exists a camera shaped USB drive, which is a cool option to consider too.


  1. A T-Shirt

Sounds too usual, I know. But it’s not just any other ordinary t-shirt that you want to give them. It’s a T-shirt that has a camera printed on it.There are tons of them. Go ahead and check it out. Or if you are not the person gaining happiness gifting T-Shirts to people, you also have an option to give them photography jewelry. Probably a locket that has a camera. I would prefer a tee though.


  1. The Lens Cup – Coffee Mug

Even though this thing has nothing to do with photography, they will always love to receive something that will do the talking for them, and letting others know who they are by the stuff they possess. Photographers love coffee no doubt, they will savor that extra sip if it’s this cup. The lens cup. There are also shot glasses of this type available if your guy is not a big coffee lover.


  1. Photography Jacket

Photography Jacket This is one of the ideal gifts to give to a photographer when it’s winter. Of course its warmth that you are providing them, but it also makes them feel like they are the protagonist and they are the photographer whenever they click with this jacket on. This jacket will provide him the necessary space required to carry all his accessories close to himself. So it’s apparently that accessories are accessed with ease. People love ease. Who doesn’t like carrying things without using hands? If you are ready for this, then it’s an added advantage to think about something that’s waterproof. I am just saying, it’s just a suggestion.


  1. Camera Phone Lenses

It is surely inevitable why gifting lenses belong neither to “an awesome idea” nor “not a good idea” side of the conversation. There are different scales to gift lenses. It isn’t funny. You can gift them a wide angle lens or a telephoto phone lens and watch them have fun. If they love clicking even on their camera phones, this will definitely prove beneficial.


  1. Lens Bracelets

Again, this is one of those accessories that they can wear not only to let others discretely know who they are, but also for feel-good. What’s good in it? It’s the replica of a lens focusing ring. Trust me, even if you find it boring, they will surely find it cool.


  1. USB Chargers

Be it their camera, phone or their laptop, they always want it powered up to the fullest.USB chargers are considered to be very useful as a gift not only to a photog but anyone who carries power consuming gadgets. So give your clicker a USB charger and watch him excited to be able to use his gadgets twice as long as he could before.


  1. A Mini Tripod

Don’t bother if he/she already has one of these. It’s always a plus point to carry a mini tripod whenever one goes for outdoor photography. You can also gift different variants of this thing. Like the one that is called Gorilla tripod. Very useful if you ask me.


  1. A Camera Bag

Apparently, anything that’s a bag will do. Because, obviously a professional photography expert carries too much of gears, gadgets and tools and kits to work with. A camera bag is the one you should be looking for to be more precise. It comes with all the right sized compartments for all the necessary gear and accessories that a photog usually carries.


  1. Amazon Gift Card

If you face too much ambiguity choosing the right gift for the photographer in your life, just frame your budget and give him/her an Amazon Gift Card(of 50$ for example) so that they can buy for themselves whatever they need. For the record, gift cards and coupons really make people happy more than we think it does.


So finally, if you have too many bucks to spill over your friend’s gift, gifting a brand new DSLR camera is not a bad idea. After all, every photographer out there would really love to have another camera added to his collection and just can’t thank you enough. Or if you couldn’t afford any of the ideal gifts mentioned above, giving him a wall poster will also do. Because you know, gifts are gifts anyways.

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