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According to the Garden Trends Report 2017, you should be on the lookout for eight main trends this year.

Creating a sense of health and wellbeing, both for plants and for people, is the central theme which runs through most of these styles. Just as we struggle to cope with the anxieties that come with modern life, plants also face challenges when it comes to unexpected climate change.


Take a look at the list of Garden Trends and see which ones you are already using and which you would love to introduce!


A Lush Bamboo Garden


1. For Mental Wellness

A relaxed environment can be created with the use of air purifying and calming plants. According to studies, when people are in close proximity to plants they are healthier and have lower stress levels; this improves general wellbeing as well as happiness.


Ferns, rubber plants, and bamboo plants are especially good at getting rid of chemical contaminants from the air.


2. Working With Climate Change

If there’s one thing that is becoming more and more of a struggle to predict, it could surely be the weather. The weather yesterday often gives little indication of what it will tomorrow, that means garden plans should be focused on resilience and hardiness. Some versatile perennials include Sedums, Hostas, and Lavender.

Since glasshouses can provide protection from the elements when the weather doesn’t want to play ball, they will become more common as they provide a way to work with the climate.


3. Creating A Social Network

Plants all form part of a community and don’t exist independently, that is why it is best to think in terms of creating a wide network.


This social environment can be created with the help of self-seeding plants and perennials which are great for people who want a low maintenance garden. If you are all about having a pretty laid-back gardening approach, self-seeders are definitely your friend, forget-me-not, verbena and foxglove are a few examples.


4. A Garden Which Is Far From Perfect

‘Wabi-Sabi’ is the ability to appreciate beauty in our ‘naturally imperfect world’ – in other words, things don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! Simplicity, asymmetry, and incompleteness can all be incorporated into this style.

You can include man-made objects into your gardens like iron ornaments which will change over time due to rust, or stone water features which will lead to the growth of moss.


5. Room To Breathe

Plants don’t need to be outside to help our sense of well-being. According to Outdoor Art Pros to create a relaxed and calm environment in the home, plants can be welcomed indoors. Since plants are becoming so popular within the home, you could create an eye-catching terrarium or hanging garden.

To have a clear mind, clean air is essential, that is why air purifying plants are a popular choice. Minature alpines and succulents are great choices for small containers.


6. Time To Make a Splash

In 2017, show gardens all over the world had water features as one of the focal components. The sound created by flowing water creates a sense of serenity which can significantly contribute to a theme of wellness.


Water features which are ready-made are available. You are sure to find the right thing for your garden, whether you are all about sleek and modern or charming and rustic.


7. Home-Grown Protein

People who are health-conscious often look for plant-based protein rather than meat, in fact, it’s easy to grow some of these at home. Some good options are peas and edamame. You can also grow quinoa quite easily, although it can be a bit fiddly to harvest.

Don’t forget about those sunflower seeds that can be harvested once your plants have bloomed!


8. Perfectly Purple

With more and more awareness of their health benefits, purple fruits and vegetables are taking over. Science has also confirmed that these foods are good for us. They can help protect our body from disease thanks to the potent antioxidant which they contain.

Growing your own is as easy as purchasing seeds for purple variants of carrots, tomatoes and, wait for it, cauliflower! Of course, there are also the common purple foods such as beetroot, blackberries, and aubergine.

Are you going to follow any of these trends in the coming year? Here at Trulawn, we work all year round, so if you are keen to give your lawn an update, come and talk to us today!


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