David Koonar’s Favorite Places to take photos in Windsor Ontario

David Koonar’s Favorite Places to take photos in Windsor Ontario – This is about what you want to communicate with your project and then pick your location and subjects accordingly. If you want more guides on photography, feel free to check out David Koonar’s Favorite Places to take photos in Windsor Ontario You’ll find tons of useful information on scouting out locations and photography in general, whether you’re an aspiring photographer or someone that’s been in the business for years.

Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada. It sits right across the river from Detroit and holds a rather shocking amount of scenic beauty if you are willing to go looking. Photography is all about creativity. It is a combination of what you shoot and how you shoot it. In isolation, you may want to just go find the prettiest places to go take pictures and indeed, some photographers do make a good living doing just that. However, others make their living by being able to see the beauty (or the ugliness) in all things.

Without further ado, here are some locations in Windsor that may interest you as a photographer –

Windsor Riverfront

A lot of the work for David Koonar photography takes place in this one location. It has so many different areas used for different types of photography that it’ll make your head spin. If there’s ever a place that will give you everything you need in terms of different ideas, it is the Windsor riverfront. Located across the river from Detroit, you’ll get a glorious view of the Detroit skyline. This is something to behold, especially at night. Photographing Detroit over the river is so common that it wouldn’t be surprising if most of the pictures of the skyline came from this side of the border.

You can walk for hours along the riverfront, finding all manner of interesting things. There is a sculpture garden, docks, photographs, sculptures, the bridge, as well as tons of boats and fishermen on the river.

Whether you’re looking for some gorgeous floral arrangements or something a little bit more on the gritty side, like old brick buildings, you’re certain to find all sorts of interesting subjects along the Windsor riverbank.

Dieppe Gardens

Of particular note on the riverfront is Dieppe Gardens. A large park with a rather appealing structure and architecture to it, this place is always decorated beautifully. There are lots of areas in Dieppe Gardens that pay tribute to Canada’s fallen. The park is named for Dieppe, France, a key port city that was raided by primarily Canadian soldiers in World War II. The park is dedicated to the fighters lost when the Essex-Kent Scottish Regiment landed in the French city in 1942 and tried to conduct a raid. The gardens contain contains numerous monuments to the Dieppe Raid, along with tributes to The Canadian Army, Navy, and Air Force. David Koonar Photography has had innumerable requests to photograph these areas of the park, but it’s still great to go there. You always find new things.

In this park space, you will find all forms of well-maintained foliage and flowers. It’s just as great to take a walk with your family as it is to hunker down and go on a hunt for the most gorgeous possible shots.

Olde Walkerville Neighborhood

If you’re interested in visiting an unusual and eccentric area of the city, this might be for you. It isn’t situated too far from the riverfront, so you can definitely take pictures at both places in one shot if you happen to be in a rush. This area combines funky architecture with multiple restaurants, pubs, and storefronts. In terms of photography, you will be able to find all kinds of strange nooks and crannies in Old Wakerville. If ever there were an area steeped in the history of Windsor, this is it. In addition, you’ll also find lovely heritage homes and buildings.

Of particular note are Willistead Park and manor. You’ll definitely want to visit these for some excellent photographic opportunities. If you want to take pictures of some interesting events, this area also has numerous street festivals in the summer months. Some of the places to look at in this area include the Hiram Walker Distillery, the Urban Art Market, the Victoria Tavern, and all sorts of old buildings and homes. In fact, many of the new businesses in the area might be in some of those gorgeous buildings, so be certain to check them out as well. You never know if the side of some awesome restaurant can be a wonderful backdrop for your latest masterpiece.

These are some of the places to take pictures in our gorgeous city. Of course, no one is stopping you from exploring and finding your own, based on what you’re looking to find. Any industrial, residential, or green areas open up a world of photo opportunities if you see the soul of those things.

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