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How to start Photography? Beginner Photography Tips

how to start photographyWe all would have witnessed  WOW! Moments in our life, Maybe while traveling, when we visit a beautiful place, Nature or any events we attend, We capture those moments in our eyes and store it mind but how to display same images to others? Unfortunately, our technology has not yet invented a tool to print the images stored in our brain. But the camera helps us achieving it. We all would have clicked photos in our point and shoot, DSLR or mobile cameras and few of them would have made us feel happy if those have come out well. In a way, every human being on the earth is a photographer, as we keep clicking images and store it every day.

So, you have found that you can become a potential photographer but don’t know how. Here is an attempt to share some of the things I’ve learned in my five years of shooting, and share some tips that I think can help you expedite your growth.

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