Why A Corporate Video Is More Important Than Ever


Corporate video has never been more important because this is how everyone prefers to consume content these days.


People can’t get enough video content and would much rather watch a video than read an email, e-book or brochure. Since video can tell a story, deliver a message and evoke emotions through imagery, music, voice-overs and text, it’s no wonder it’s taking over the universe, including the business world.


For corporations, video is a modern, efficient and creative way to deliver information to your clients or team. If done right, video can boost your business in many ways, including brand awareness, revenue and productivity.


A professional corporate video is an asset that you can share on your website, social media platforms and use as a marketing tool, including emails, landing pages and targeted campaigns. Corporate video production generally costs more than producing a brochure or print materials, but it’s also much more effective.


Corporate videos can be accompanied by text, so with the right SEO techniques, the clients can find you online and discover your brand. As you know, bringing potential customers to your website is the first step. Keeping them there is the next goal. A quality corporate video will engage, inform and entertain customers. This is your opportunity to serve up a sample of what your corporation is all about.


We find it doesn’t take long for most corporations to see a return on their video investment. New clients appreciate fresh video content and are drawn to corporations that give them what they want. In addition, existing clients build a deeper level of trust when they watch corporate videos. As well as the message within the video, it also shows you are ahead of the game and current with issues such as trends and technology.


Another reason the corporate video is essential is to stay ahead of the competition. Chances are your competitors are already utilizing video and seeing the results, which are undeniable. Corporate video production can be used in marketing videos, training videos, sales videos, news and announcement videos and social media content videos. Your main competition is likely taking advantage of videography for some, if not all of these areas.


Social media videos tend to be shorter and more dramatic than the cornerstone videos you should feature on your website. People will often go to social media before a website when seeking information these days as they know this is likely to be more up-to-date. These kinds of corporate videos are great for announcing new developments, special deals, events and introducing key members of the organization.


Every corporation needs to be showcasing video content, no matter what the industry. If your business hasn’t started making videos, it’s never too late to start. Or perhaps you need to update your corporate video content. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the other major players are not going anywhere.


Video is here to stay, and producing video content should be a part of your long-term and ongoing strategy. Contact us today to see up a consultation so we can start production on your corporate video soon.



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