10 Most Photographed Places on Earth – Photopedia Travel

Photography, clicking photos is the essence of travelling. Your journey is incomplete if those moments and locations you visit are not captured. Travel pictures are really important for anyone. Here is a list of 10 Most Photographed Places on Earth.


  1. Budapest, Hungary – St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilica is a Roman Catholic Basilica named in the honor of Stephen, the first king of Hungary. It is the third largest church in the Hungary. The place houses many beautiful religious structures and gives us awesome opportunities of for architectural shots. St. Stephen’s Basilica is the 10th most photographed place in the world.

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Best Photography Workshops in Bangalore

If you are new to Photography and looking for Best Photography Workshops in Bangalore. Here are few recommendations.

1. Nikon School 
Nikon School India has set a benchmark of attaining distinction in the field of spreading photography culture, facilitating workshops and helping professional and enthusiasts alike in their photography journey aiding them to realize their photographic goals. With the set of remarkably skilled mentors and alliances we are proud to reach out and deliver these learning to the photography community & share opportunities enabling them to enhance their photography skills.

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Best DSLR camera for Beginners Entry Level

So you feel that your smartphone is not producing pics as you wanted, therefore, you have decided to buy your first and the best DSLR Camera!

Now the question is, which is the Best DSLR camera for Beginners?

Welcome to the next level  journey of Photography! Upgrading to and SLR / DSLR camera will allow you to take much higher quality photos while giving you more control over the process like a true photographer.

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What is ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture Basic DSLR Settings

Learn What is ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture Basic DSLR Settings

ISO: ISO is essentially a camera’s sensitivity light, basically you set that first before you go out for a shooting depending upon the lighting conditions avaialble. Later on you have to adjust your aperture and shutter speed.

This works like : If you are in a place where there very less light you will have to shoot up ISO. As you increase ISO your images get brighter.

ISO Picture Courteesy: http://whiteonricecouple.com

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Best Locations for Couple Shoot Prewedding Shoots near Bangalore

Looking for Some Best Locations in and around Bangalore for Couple shoot and a Pre-wedding shoot? Look no further, here are few top locations you should consider before finalising your location.

Shetty Halli Church (200 Kms from Bangalore)
Shettihalli Church is located about 200 km from It was Built in the year 1860s by the French missionaries. The church is built with a magnificent structure of Gothic Architecture and was abandoned after the construction of the Hemavathi dam in 1960. It has since then become one of the famous tourist’s spots. If you have plans to shoot a beautiful couple. Convince them to take them to Shetty halli church.
shettyhalli churchPicture Courtesy: Aashish Photography
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Amazing Gifts for Photographers to Surprise them

gift for photographers

We all have at least that one person in our life who is a photographer, might he/she be a professional or just an enthusiast. People’s mind really go haywire when they plan on giving their “Life’s Photographer” a gift on an occasion, their birthday or just for the love of gifting.

Check out the most ideal things that make the best gifts for photographers and what a creative lens man would love to receive.

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Different Types and Genres of Photography

Photography is a vast subject. It has variety of verticals. If you have decided to take Photography as a profession or a part time hobby, it is important to know different types of Photography and How they work. It is advised that to concentrate on one vertical to become master of it. Here are some of the major types and genres of Photography.

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