How to start Photography? Beginner Photography Tips

how to start photographyWe all would have witnessed  WOW! Moments in our life, Maybe while traveling, when we visit a beautiful place, Nature or any events we attend, We capture those moments in our eyes and store it mind but how to display same images to others? Unfortunately, our technology has not yet invented a tool to print the images stored in our brain. But the camera helps us achieving it. We all would have clicked photos in our point and shoot, DSLR or mobile cameras and few of them would have made us feel happy if those have come out well. In a way, every human being on the earth is a photographer, as we keep clicking images and store it every day.

So, you have found that you can become a potential photographer but don’t know how. Here is an attempt to share some of the things I’ve learned in my five years of shooting, and share some tips that I think can help you expedite your growth.

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What is the difference between Candid and Traditional photography?

Nothing but Candid pics vs. Traditional pics

If you take the literal meaning of Candid, it means being Honest, frank, truthful or sincere. Yes, probably Candid word would have derived with those. Here in the photography world, Candid wedding photography means taking pictures of people who are unaware that they are being picturized. The photographer is always on an EYE – simply capturing the scene without actively altering the scene by giving direction to the people in the photo. I would say pictures are taken without once knowledge. However, sometimes a candid photographer also have to give certain directions to get better pictures as apart from candid clicks, some posed pictures are always necessary and need to be portrayed.

Traditional/Conventional photography is the style of photography which we all have grown up seeing over the past few years, where you have photographers will be firm on the event or approaching you on regular intervals asking “LOOK HERE, SMILE PLEASE.”

So basically Wedding photography has two styles

  • Candid or Photojournalistic photography
  • Traditional or Conventional photography

Do you want to know in details about both? Here you go

Equipment used

Yes, As per my personal experience, I have seen most of the times the equipment utilised for both are different, Candid photographers would use high-end modern cameras which a Traditional photographer may not. But nowadays with gear rates are dropping , I have seen traditional photographers use similar equipment as candid photographers, but what makes a significant difference is technique and approach.

Both of they would saw the same scene differently with their camera eye.

Understanding the environment around you and adapting to it.

The Art of Composition -Both will frame the same subject standing at the same place differently…

They both see light falling on subject and how  they plan to blend natural light with flash lights.

Understanding the gear limits and then using it to get the best results out of the given scene.

Studying colors and what color temp. to set your camera to shoot the scene.

Lastly, Picture Quality Differences- how well will they do post processing on images to achieve the look they looking for.

Traditional photographers  most of the time focus on posed portraits with standard poses almost in all the weddings. Their pictures are super sharp and seen crystal clear.

Traditional vs candid photography images 

traditional vs candid


For which functions do you choose Candid photographer Vs Traditional photographer?

By now  you know the difference between the two, so depending upon your need & budget, you can hire one. However no matter what are the functions , candid moments can always be captured all the times. As candid photographers usually run a lot from one place to another and with super heavy gear approx. 8kg weight of just one camera and they usually carry two cameras, to ensure that they get the same scene from various angles to have a wide variety of pictures, Also by using different lens to shoot same scene can tell a totally different story.

Traditional photographers on other hand prefer standing at one location most of the times and shooting same scene , without changing lens or trying different lighting gear to get some more variety in pictures. Not to forget how they look at the scene is different than how a candid photographer will look at scene. In short a candid photographer will give you loads of creative angle of your precious moments as seen below by utilizing his gear smartly as seen below with smart choice of lens.

Thousands of moments happens during  a wedding at various stages, which the wedding couple often miss seeing as most of the times  they are busy with wedding rituals, hence to capture these beautiful moments I would suggest personally to have additional photographers at wedding based on scale of the wedding,  so that you get to see all those precious  moments. Hence it is also important to have a decent size of photographers team which can tell story of your wedding day.

Lastly, -Chose a photographer whose work you love, Never see only few pictures on social media, rather meet them , ask them to share a complete wedding picture gallery, if you love the frames they have captured, then select them  otherwise look for alternatives. Certain functions like receptions’ mainly demand only group pictures hence traditional photographer is a must. If you family members prefer having loads of group picture and you wish to have candid pictures, then hire a candid photographer who can also get a traditional photographer team, so that they can work in sync and cover the wedding. Never make a mistake of getting a different Candid & Traditional team as most of the times they will end up fighting for space and you as a client will be in loss , as both the team most of the time is just thinking of clicking pictures fast before other team comes or fighting for space, and not thinking enough on getting creative shots.

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5 Best Photo Editor App for Android Phones 2017

5 Best photo editor app for Android Phones

With the rapid growth in mobile technology, who would not love getting all their tasks done on their cell phones, from calendars, daily alarms, emailing, to photo editing. Photo editing in mobile phones on-the-go has caused some decent enthusiasm among professional photographers as well as hobbyists. Take a look at the top 5 photo editing apps for Android mentioned below.


This photo editing app called Snapseed was created by Google, the tech giant. It is one of the favourite photo editing apps for iOS as well as Android. Snapseed has some super intuitive features in its UI and tools for pretty much everything that a photographer would need to enhance their photos. Basics like exposure, colour temperature, adjusting the shadows and highlights, saturation, etc. are all easily controlled by swiping up and down, left and right. It also has a histogram in the bottom to look at the data while you edit your photo especially when you are professional. There are also some of the artistic filters along with the healing tool to remove small unwanted objects. So Snapseed makes an overall complete photo editing app which is by the way free of cost.



VSCO is one of the best photo editing apps found on the mobile platform. The reason VSCO being so popular is that it is a team that’s behind some cool tools for Adobe Lightroom.And according to the reviews at least, VSCO team managed to bring a lot of those cool features over to their mobile counterparts. In addition to its basic editing tools, its big claim to fame is its filters, instead of dramatic ones which it does still have by the way along with some very subtle ones that are aimed to mimic vintage and modern analogue film looks. Unlike a lot of other filter touting apps, the filters’ strength can also be adjusted to create a better or more exact look that you want. It is one of the stunning photo editing apps in the market and doesn’t take long to learn.



This is one of those tools that a lot of professional photographers can be benefitted from. As the name says, the app is really good at removing items easily from your photos. That one photo bomber without which you feel your shot would be amazing can be eliminated just by simply tapping the tool and colouring in part you want to make a thing disappear and hitting start. You can see it disappear without too much distortion. touchRetouch can also be used to clone items as well or just to move them but regardless it’s a great a tool to start on a photo that could be better if it had less in it and then bring it into one of the other apps in this list to finish the job.


After Focus

This is one of the apps in this list that has prominence in only one feature that is the depth of field. For some reason, if you show two photos of the same thing to people, they are more likely to say that the one with the blurry background effect is better looking. After Focus is available on Android and iOS. A simple brief of how it works is, you can take any photo and draw lines on the things that you think are in the foreground, the mid area and the background and finally blur what you want on the correct part of your photo. You can also adjust the blur and the feathering of the edges to make the blur more subtle and look more realistic.



Available on Android and iOS with over 50 million installs on Android alone, Pixlr stands as an app that should compulsorily be mentioned in this list. Effects and Layers are the names of the game for Pixlr boasting over 2 million combinations of different effects. You can add text overlays, layer your images on one another, make collages easily, and even do all of these on one photo. It has ample of features means everything imaginable is present in this package and it’s free.
These are just the top 5 combo of photo editing apps for mobile phones that contains apps with just one main feature or the just mixture of all the features. There are some of the other apps like Adobe’s Photoshop (mobile version), PicsArt and so on. Feel free to try all of these out at least for a test run, and I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed at all.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Photo Shoot Photopedia

Clicking Pictures and posting it on social Medias is become a trend these days and being a part of this fast growing world, we should follow the trend and be a part of this rapid change . Photo shoots bring up the value of our pictures when compared to our Selfies and Pictures taken randomly. Photo shoots are something special and How do we make it more special, lies with us. Who does not like to look good on pictures? Yes!! We all aspire to look good, attractive and of course, we all expect compliments from people who sees our photos. Likes and comments on Facebook are what which is in the lead and its what which most of us need, lol, Which is why we see pout faces all over social medias. When it comes to attending any functions or parties, the time spent on preparing ourselves is greater than the time we spend on parties. Now here comes the question – How do we prepare for a photo shoot? Preparing for a photo shoot is an awesome experience, and yes I must say we all must have this experience at least once in a lifetime. There’s a lot more than just turning up at the studio and smiling at the camera. Hence, it’s worth spending the time to prepare ourselves properly for a photo shoot. Here are few tips from us before you prepare for a photo shoot.

Get, Set, Click

So, you’ve opted the best photographer, chosen the best location. Now what? A few days before your shoot you’ll have to start getting prepared. If you’re properly prepared for the shoot you’ll not only have an easier and more stress-free time during the shoot, but also the result of the photo shoot will turn out to be marvellous. Preparing your mind for a shoot is equally important to dressing up physically. Plan your photo shoot date on the day when you don’t have any other schedule, hurrying up for the shoot would put you in regret.

  1. Attires

Clothing is a form of expression, and the clothes that you pick to wear will reflect your personality in the images. My best piece of advice when choosing clothes is the simpler, the better.

  • Solid, Gaudy colours look awesome when on screen.
  • If going with a pattern keep it simple.
  • Start with a simple shirt or a top and slowly add layers.(jackets/pullovers)
  • Bring few extra clothes to the shoot which is easy to change.
  • Make sure that your clothes are ironed and pressed before the shoot. Wrinkles in clothes are difficult to Photoshop out.
  • Bring a make small makeup kit, lint brush or roller with you
  • Don’t worry about Shoe/Foot wares if you are just shooting headshots.
  • Above all, the atmost important point to note here is to be Comfortable in whatever you wear. Comfortable cloths bring up the best feel in you which will in turn reflect on your pictures.
  1.  Hairdo
  • Bring a brush and some hair product (gel/hairspray) with you to the shoot to help calm flyaway.
  • Start with your hair down and towards the end of the shoot put it up in a ponytail for a more casual look.
  • If you can afford – hire a hair stylist for the morning shoot, (best you can get your friends or cousins for help)
  1. Looks (Makeup and Face)
  • Begin natural. Just enough to cover up any blemishes.
  • Build up the makeup as you go. Add eye shadow and darker lipstick later in the shoot.
  • Try not to use matte styles of makeup. It will dry out your skin.
  • Bring your makeup and moisturiser with you to the shoot in case your skin does get dry or you need touchups.
  • Bring lip balm or lip gloss with you to help keep lips looking soft.
  • The night before brush your lips with your toothbrush to help get rid of any dead skin.
  • Don’t do any extreme beauty regimens right before your shoot, like facial peels, tanning or extensive exfoliating. Your skin can look very irritated.
  • Get rid of any unwanted hair a few days before your shoot. Clean up brows.


Tips for Him

  • Makeup is generally not required for men but a light face powder and blotting paper would be required, especially if your skin tends to be a little greasy.
  • We recommend you get your haircut 4 to 5 days before the shoot so it doesn’t have that “freshly cut” look.
  • Shave right before you leave for a shoot. A 5 o clock shadow can’t be Photoshopped easily. Use cooling gel or aftershave to help you with skin irritation.
  • Bring some oil absorbing sheets to soak up any oil or sweat that might build up during the shoot. The studio lights can get pretty hot.
  • Leave your coloured contacts at home and bring clear contacts with you. Coloured contacts can look very fake in photographs. Bring eye drops with you.
  • If you can afford it, hire a Makeup artist to do your makeup and stay with you during the shoot for touchups.


Tips for Her

  • Hair is such a personal thing so it’s best that you feel like you in your pictures. Feel free to bring whatever styling products you need in order to create your look. We love producing range by changing the hair during the session by putting it up in a ponytail etc. If you are planning on making an appointment with your hairdresser, please arrange this for the day prior or even the morning of the shoot. It is a good idea to get these booked and in the diary now.
  • Makeup should be simple but well done, so your natural assets stand out on their own. This means that makeup should help the viewer focus on the eyes and the mouth, which are the essence of the headshot. Our primary concern is shine, so we do advise bringing along some translucent powder.
  • We highly recommend booking the services of a professional makeup artist who can be on hand throughout your shoot and ensure you’re looking your absolute best. Again we work with some professional make-up artists and stylist who we are happy to recommend.


Smile and enjoy

Although you will be working hard during your shoot, it will also be a fun and enjoyable experience. We fully understand that some people hate having their photo taken or think they are not photogenic. This is an area we specialise in so please do let us know if you have any worries or concerns about being photographed. Remember that your smile is the most important business tool and we will be encouraging you to laugh and smile naturally during your session.

For View my Portfolio and to book photoshoot sessions Visit: Shiv’s Photography

Happy shooting!!


Top Photographers of India 2017

Find out the list of the most tallented Photographers of India.

Hari Menon

Hailing from a village near Cochin called North Paravur, Hari Menon is an eye-catcher. He knows how to gain his audience’s attention through the photos that he has taken. He is a self-made instinctive and a freelance travel photographer. He clicks images of all kinds, from landscape to portrait and from abstract to reality. He is specialised in travel, advertising, fashion and commercial photography. His works are surely jaw-dropping.

Here are few of his works.

Reach out to him at


Neeta Shankar

Neeta Shankar is an R&D engineer-turned full-time photographer based in Bangalore. She is a travel and wedding photographer. She is too good at Candid Wedding Photography. Her photo shoots and her very natural appearing post processing talks about her and her skills. Photography was just her hobby at first, which later on inculcated too much of curiosity in her that she decided to quit her job as an R&D engineer and hold onto photography for the rest of her life. She has been a speaker at the Bangalore Wedding Meetup 2015, and the Adobe Photography Symposium 2014 and mentor for the Adobe Photography Virtual Series. She has also served on the panel of judges at the Canon PhotoMarathon India 2014. She has been popularly featured by several leading newspapers and magazines.

Here are few of her works.

Reach out to her at


Sudhir Shivaram

Sudhir Shivaram is one of the well-known Indian Wildlife Photographer and an entrepreneur. He is also the founding member of the non-profit photo sharing site India Nature Watch.Sudhir worked in the IT industry but was passionate about wildlife photography. He never let go of his interests towards the wildlife. He travels around the world pursuing and being immersed in his passion.

Sudhir was a brand ambassador for Canon India and also was a Canon contract photographer. He received Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2012 and has been recognised a couple of times as the most influential person in the photography industry.

Check out his online photography learning website.

For workshops and photo tour related info, reach out to him at


Jayanth Sharma

Born in the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore City, Jayanth Sharma grew up listening to jargons and terms related to photography as a child. He was strongly influenced by his father who owned a Commercial Photography Studio in Mysore. Initially, he hardly had any interests towards photography. He realised that it was his inclination towards wild that dragged him into the field. In the recent years, he established himself to be one of the famous Natural History photographers. He travels to click and make reports and stories on birds and animals for the sole purpose of creating awareness on the importance of conserving wildlife in India.

He has not only won awards in wildlife photography but also recognitions in magazines and publishing houses. Jayanth loves to travel and supposes to travel around the whole world before he leaves.

He co-founded toehold and his works can be found at his website:


Anushka Menon

Studied Art Design and Communication from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia; Anushka Menon knew that photography was her thing and started on the venture to pursue it. During her first days, she struggled a lot seeking a mentor to guide her on her way. She started out on her own since no one took her for an assistant. She set her foot in the photography field when she was 19. She began her career in 2005 as one of the youngest female photographers out here and now specialises in beauty, fashion and advertising. She won Fashion Photographer of the Year award at the Marie Claire Fashion Awards 2011.

She comes from New Delhi and her biography goes by the name “I live in a crazy city with beautiful people… and I love to take photographs.”


Ajay Menon

This extremely talented photography enthusiast and a professional hails from Kochi, Kerala.He is well-known on Facebook for his enticing works in the field of photography. He handles more than 400,000 followers on his Facebook page Ajay Menon Photography. Ajay Menon travels the country seeking spots to exploit his awesome photography skills and produce outstanding images.

He is one of the commendable photographers in India.


Auditya Venkatesh

Auditya is a Bangalore based 28-year-old self-taught photographer who quit a promising career in Chartered Accountancy to pursue his passion. Auditya who was always interested in photography now aces travel, close-up and candid. He took up full-time photography in 2009-10. Social media has helped him a lot throughout. He believes in work up, save, fund yourself, go broke and work again. He now enjoys a massive follower’s ocean of over 800,000 followers on Facebook and over 148,000 followers on Instagram. Auditya Venkatesh(audiphotography) is one of the best photographers in India.


Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai is a well-known Indian photographer and photojournalist. He started photography at his age of 23 in 1965. He worked as photographer and editor for various news weeklies and magazines; including India Today in which he worked as Picture Editor-Visualizer-Photographer. He was awarded Padmashree in 1972. He also received Photographer of the Year award in the United States for the story “Human Management of Wildlife in India”. His photo essays have appeared in many of the world’s leading magazines and newspapers.

Born and brought up in India, for him India is his whole world. Probably the only photographer who prefers to photograph his own home land and people as he feels it is his responsibility to go on and explore the ethos and power of an ancient civilisation of his own country than dabble in all kinds of travel abroad.

Raghu Rai has produced more than 30 books on life and themes on India.

He lives in Delhi with his family and continues to be an associate of Magnum Photos.


Dabboo Ratnani

Dabboo Ratnani, one of the legendary fashion photographers India has ever had is highly famous for his annual calendar. He is the cover photographer for all leading magazines like Cosmopolitan, Filmfare, Hi Blitz, Ok India and so on. Not to forget about his annual calendar. It has become a highly notable showbiz event since its first publication in 1999.

Ratnani is one of the prominent portrait and celebrity photographers in the Indian Cinema.



Atul Kasbekar

Atul Kasbekar is not only the top among the Indian fashion photographers but also a Bollywood film producer. He is recognized for his Kingfisher Calendar shoots. Atul was also the honorary chairman of the Photographer’s Guild of India.Atul started his professional career as a photographer by starting a studio named Negative Space. He has launched another company called Corporate Image which manages the identity of the top management and spokesperson within an organization. Atul has already worked with many corporate honchos including Ratan Tata, Vijay Mallya and Anil Ambani.

Atul holds the distinction of being the first Indian to win the prestigious International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards 2005, in London for his work on Kingfisher Calendar.

What is Special With Anish George – Video links

You may have come across hundreds of businessmen; I mean, successful businessmen. But very few people in India know about the person I am writing this article on. His name is Anish George. He hails from Kannur, Kerala. There is very little information available about him on the internet. And more primarily, you should know that he is a businessman.

The personality that I am going to mention today about is not an ordinary business individual. I gathered all these information about him after very deep, intense and long hours of research. First of all, to tell you what business he does; he owns one of the leading Photographic store called Video Links in North Kerala. It deals with sales and service of all kinds and what not of photography related equipment.It is an exclusive showroom for Sony, Canon, Nikon, Digital Cameras and Video cameras as well. And also to mention about other accessories that Video Links deals with; Digital camera batteries, memory cards, camera tripods, camera bags, Blank-CD-DVD, Inkjet printers, cartridges, Fotoframing, Lamination services and much more under a single roof. This all-in-one photography store is run by Anish for almost two decades for now since 1998 to be precise. The store Video Links is also an authorised channel partner for Nikon, Sony, Canon, Sigma, Tamron, Lowepro and Benro.


People who have merely heard the least about Anish George consider him as an excellent businessman before taking him to be a brilliant dealer for photography equipment. If you dig deeper to know about Anish’s personality and character, you would not be surprised to find out that he is one of the humblest walking souls out there which is evident because of the heights he has reached by doing what he does and the simplicity that he carries.



Anish is one of those characters who believe in the “Word of Mouth”. And for those who don’t understand the meaning of Word of Mouth, it is the process of transmitting information from one person to another through oral communication. It is passing of information by one individual to another about either a real event or it may also be something that’s made up. Talking about Anish’s belief in the Word of Mouth (WoM), one can never find him being advertised or he himself endorsing anything that he markets online, which also apparently resulted in me getting very few details on him from the web. The perimeter and boundary of his fame that he has achieved is all because of the WoM. You can find people writing reviews on buying cameras and photography related gear from him on sites such as Amazon and the like. His expertise over his business and sensitivity and dedication towards being the best in what he does has helped him to reach these measures of popularity.Popularity does not only mean that you have to be famous on the internet or media. Photography; and if you are one of those who buys more-in-demand or rear-to-find gears, then you would know the number of people who talk about Anish being the best dealer and businessman in this field of all and the customer satisfaction factor that he always holds high.

There is still a lot more to talk about Anish George, a humble and awesome businessman from Kerala. I would try to learn more about him and bring to you more on his personal life, his ventures and so on.

You can write to Anish at:

Or you can reach him at: 9846704343, 0497-2767290

Walk into his store at: VP Complex, Near Old Bus Stand, Kannur, Kerala – 670001

Anish is setting up his website for Video Link where you can easily buy items from his store online. That’s all about Anish George for now, but I will see to it that I try to gain deeper sights of his true and closer personality and character and write another article covering wider information about the guy that stands the best ambassador of the Word of Mouth.

And not to forget, Anish provides the best service anybody can ever deliver in the business domain.

Best Point and Shoot Cameras under 15,000 – 2017

Planning to buy Point and Shoot Cameras within the budget of Rs.15000? Here are some of the best performed Cameras you should explore before buying them.

  1. Sony Cybershot DSC WX220

The Sony Cybershot DSC WX200 is perfectly slick and slim as a digital compact camera that comes with an 18.2 megapixel Exmor R CMOS Sensor and a black body. This is one of the most attractive cameras that you will ever want to have under this price range (there is also a pink version) and also the one that comes with the features like Wi-Fi connectivity and videography in full HD 1080p resolution at 60fps.The camera also supports AVCHD format for high-quality footage for those who are serious with their photography. Cybershot DSC WX220 can shoot at 10fps. The Sony product ships with a BIONZ X image processor by which one can expect true color rendering, better noise reduction and faster burst mode shooting. The G-Lenses embedded inside will produce superior in-focus image quality, along with a well-focused background. It also provides connectivity using NFC. The screen is LCD and measures 2.7 inches with a 460k-Dot monitor. Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilization and Motionshot video & Smartphone remote app are some of the other highlights that you can consider to buy the Cybershot DSC WX220 at 12,799/-.



  1. Nikon Coolpix AW130

This waterproof, shockproof and freeze-proof product from Nikon comes with a 16 megapixel low-light CMOS Sensor. This one from Nikon has cool features including connectivity through Wi-Fi and NFC technologies for smart devices with Android v4.0 and higher. One of the best features of this camera is that it can record Full HD videos at a stunning 1080p resolution and Stereo sound. The 16 MP shooter is made up of 5x Zoom-Nikkor Glass lens. Other notable features about this camera that needs to be talked about are Built-in GPS, Electronic compass, mapping and Points of Interest that lets you review where you had been. There are also interesting key specialties about this model from Nikon that might convince you to buy this camera like intelligent autofocus, hybrid vibration reduction that reduces camera shakes for sharper and steadier video recording. Overall, Coolpix AW130 proves to be a great travel companion as well.


  1. Sony Cybershot H300

Sony Cybershot H300 brings your photographs to life with its 20.1 megapixel sensor letting you capture images with very good detail and much ease. Cybershot H300 lets you get a confident close up with its 35x optical zoom along with blur-free precision. The Super HAD CCD Sensor of 20.1 MP helps to capture images with vibrant colors and clarity without even the minutest of the details going unnoticed. The camera records video at 720p resolution; in high definition at a rate of 30 frames per second. H300 also comes with a one-touch 360 degrees sweep panorama button that lets you capture a panoramic image by moving it. The Optical Steadyshot technology reduces blur even in low light conditions. This camera is perfect with enough features and abilities costing 14,990/- for your budget.


  1. Nikon Coolpix B500

This is one of the cameras from Nikon that’s apparently designed for zooming. The 40x optical zoom and 80x Dynamic Fine zoom lets you get closer to whatever that matters. It uses Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction (VR) keeps your shots steady. The camera comes with a 16 megapixel CMOS Sensor that helps you to capture every single detail on your image. There are 3 connectivity provisions; Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth low energy that lets you constantly be connected to all your smart devices. Coolpix B500 has a 3-inch 920k-Dot LCD monitor. At this price range, the camera so powerful is yet so user-friendly that also has Easy Auto mode for convenient point-and-shoot photography. Videography performs at 1080p resolution Full HD with additional editing features for the videos that you shoot. Intelligent autofocus, target finding autofocus, face priority autofocus, skin softening, blink warning are some of the amazing features that comes with this camera that enables you to explore your creativity. The camera also comes in different color variants.


  1. Canon IXUS-285 HS

This pocket-sized camera with a 20.2 megapixel camera and a CMOS Sensor is perfect for any occasion, to capture images with in high resolution. IXUS-285 HS has 12x Optical zooming which can be doubled up to 24x zooming without any noticeable loss in the image quality using Canon’s ZoomPlus technology. Videos can be shot at Full HD and the camera also has intelligent image stabilization technology that detects motion algorithmically and also helps reduce camera shakes. The device can be paired to smartphones via Wi-Fi or NFC. Along with the optical zoom, the camera also provides 48x digital zoom that no camera provides at this price range of 11,490/-. One of the main disadvantages of the Canon IXUS-285 HS is its screen that is prone to scratches easily. It is powered by Canon’s free Camera Connect app available for iOS and Android. The camera offers great detailing in the images captured processed by a DIGIC 4+ image processor. One can shoot videos on this at Full HD at 30fps.


  1. Fujifilm Finepix S6800

Like all the cameras from Fujifilm, Finepix S6800 is also equipped with FUJINON optical zoom lenses of 30x zooming. The excellent features shipping with Finepix S6800 along with 16 megapixels 1/2.3-inch BSI-CMOS sensors offers clicking images at excellent quality shots with low noise at high sensitivities. Ultra high speed shooting in Fujifilm Finepix S6800 enables shooting at up to 60fps. Full HD movie recording enables shooting at 1080p resolution at a rate of 60fps. The camera provides slow-motion capture at 480p, and autofocus speed of 0.3 second in fastest conditions.

There are also other mighty features of Finepix S6800 like manual exposure control, optical image stabilization, instant zoom and zoom bracketing and 320 shot battery life that can be considered to list this camera as one of the best cameras under 15,000 price range. The camera ships with shooting functions such as individual shutter 3D shooting, motion panorama and more.



  1. Canon Powershot SX420

Canon Powershot SX420 is a 20.0 megapixel camera with 42x optical zoom that gives users the ability to capture impressive close ups. It has an ergonomic grip design for better handling and stability, which is particularly useful for recording videos and ensuring stable images. With the new built-in Wi-Fi/ NFC feature, transferring of images between camera and smart devices has never been simpler. Similar to most Canon’s cameras, Powershot SX420 also ships with Canon Zoomplus technology, with 42x optical zoom that can be doubled to 84x ZoomPlus. The 20.0 megapixel sensor is coupled with DIGIC4+ image processor. Powershot SX420 allows you to take images at a fine detail and brilliant colors. The overall specifications of the Canon Powershot SX420 along with Intelligent Image Stabilization makes it one of the must buy cameras under 15,000 price range.


  1. Nikon Coolpix L840

Nikon Coolpix L840 is a compact and portable camera fitted with a 38x optical zoom. Coolpix L840 houses a 16.0 megapixel backside illumination CMOS Sensor. L840 clicks superior quality images even in low light conditions. The 76x Dynamic Fine Zoom lets us perfectly click images from afar or close up. This Nikon camera is equipped with high-performance Nikkor lens and is powered by a Expeed C2 image processing system. Images can be shared easily with the built-in Wi-Fi that enables one touch connection of a button. The device also features NFC connectivity. One can download the Wireless Mobile Utility app available for both iOS and android for image transfer. Shooting is fun with the 3-inch 920k-Dot TFT LCD monitor for better flexibility in shooting angles. The camera also offers a variety of scene modes for better enhancement of your photos. With the awesome zooming, sharing and remote functionality capabilities, Nikon Coolpix L840 is one among the finest cameras to purchase if you are looking for one under 15,000/-.

Best Point and Shoot Cameras under 20,000 in 2017

 Planning to buy Cool Point and Shoot cameras? Here are some best cameras you should explore before buying.

    1. Sony Cybershot DSC WX350

Sony Cybershot DSC WX350 is the world’s smallest and lightest camera. It is a complete package of high-end features and components put together for this price range.  Cybershot DSC WX350 comes with 18.2 megapixels back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor that helps to capture great detail in our images even in low light environment. It is the lightest camera to pack a 20x zoom lens. The usual Sony’s Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation allows reduction of camera shakes in low light conditions and when zooming into the max. The back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor grabs even the minutest of the details.Cybershot DSC WX350 is powered by the latest BIONZ X image processing system. The camera enables connectivity via Wi-Fi. DSC WX350 allows us to shoot videos in full HD 1080p resolution at a rate of 60fps with stereo sound, which can also be done in AVCHD format.


  1. Nikon Coolpix P510

Nikon Coolpix P510 comes with 16.1 megapixels to be precise and a 24-1000mm wide focal range. Coolpix P510 belongs to the category of compact cameras in the zoom class sporting a 42x optical zoom. The CMOS Sensor included Nikon’s product also houses GPS with logging and a better image stabilisation. Using this camera, one can record videos with high quality at 1080p resolution Full HD. The camera weighs 555 grams including the SD Card and the battery. It has a better hardware build and a deep pronounced grip that makes it very comfortable to hold and use. The lens used in this device is Zoom-Nikkor ED glass lens. It features a 3-inch Ultra-high resolution 920k-Dot LCD display that is Vari-angle and is also anti-reflection coated. This camera that can record high definition videos with stereo sound is one of the best cameras to buy under this price range.


  1. Canon Powershot SX700

This one from Canon comes in with a 30x zoom lens with a 35-mm equivalent focal length range of 25-750mm. Powershot SX700 has a 16 megapixel Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor. The sensor’s high sensitivity ensures sharp and better shots at extreme focal length. Other main features of this Canon product are its latest DIGIC 6 image processor. There are other plenty of features to play with as well, like recording videos in Full HD at 60fps along with stereo sound, 5-axis image stabiliser, AV and TV shooting modes. SX700 also has shot modes like Creative shot mode and Hybrid Shot mode that automatically captures a 4-second movie before each shot and combines it with the stills. Media sharing is enabled through Wi-Fi and NFC. This camera performs excellently in day light photography. But according to the reviews, its low light photos can still be better.


  1. Olympus XZ10

The new Olympus XZ10 comes with a 12 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS Sensor with an ultra-bright 26-130mm equivalent zoom lens. XZ10 also offers a high resolution in its photos. The device is backed up by TruePic VI image processor. Olympus XZ10 can be used if you want to shoot videos at 1080p high resolution. It also features high-speed video recording at 120fps in HD and offers 11 art filters. Other notable features of the XZ10 are raw image capture and full manual exposure mode. The Eye-Fi/Flash Air compatibility of the device enables to share your media on the social network with ease. The slim yet substantial product from Olympus has a 920k-Dot LCD screen for viewing your photos.


  1. Fujifilm SL1000

Sporting a 16-megapixel sensor with a 3-inch tilting screen, SL1000 from Fujifilm comes in as one of the must-be considered cameras to buy under the price range of 20,000/-. It offers 920k-Dot EVF. The camera offers a massive 50x optical zoom. Lens shift image stabilisation ensures that even hand-held shots are blur-free. The 16 MP BSI CMOS Sensor supports high sensitivity as high as ISO 12800 making even dark scenes bright for high-quality images. SL1000 provides an autofocus of 0.2 seconds. Videos in SL1000 can be shot at 1080p full HD resolution at 60fps.Slow motion capture at 480p is also available in Fujifilm SL1000. Sharing media over social networks like Facebook and tagging friends is now easier than ever on the Fujifilm SL1000 and similar factors considering which Fujifilm SL1000 is one of the best cameras to take a look at when seeking for a camera under 20,000/- price range.

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